Pro Golf Junior players are set to return to pure insurance

Stone Sea – Last year was empty and exhausted. Not only are fans of PURE Insurance Open, but so are teenagers from the original T program.

“We don’t think it’s right for children to fly to the event during last year’s epidemic,” said Steve John, general manager of the Monterrey Peninsula Land Foundation.

80 selected teens from 22 different states – dreaming of a weekend of PGA Tour championships at the 18th PURE Insurance Open on Pebble Beach.

John says, “The first T uses golf as a platform, but it teaches life skills and core values, and builds children for the future. Only golf makes it fun. We are all very happy to be back in the camp. ”

The tournament, which is part of the PGA Tour Championship District, will be back in full swing with 81 Piga players, 81 First T participants and 162 amateurs in the first round on Friday at the Pebble Beach Golf Links and the Spaglass Hill Golf Course.

Spagglas has been part of this year’s rotation, replacing Popp Hills, who has been part of the show for the past four years.

“It’s logically easy,” said John, who played as an amateur in the competition from 2005-2010. It is hard to put into words the joy of the teenagers returning to the race.

For two days and 36 holes in additional plus courses around the world, players from the first T team will play golf and choose the brain of a professor in one life experience.

“It’s a special kind of energy that these kids bring to the table,” says John. “They have to spend time with professionals and leaders of all industries. You can ask any questions you want. They drive incredibly fast. The average GPA is 3.86. ”

While $ 2.1 million is at risk of losing revenue, it seems to be enjoying the unique environment as big teens.

The event will feature the first T players on the tour, as well as amateurs. When the professional and the selected junior play together for the first two days, the two amateur players in each team rotate after the first day.

“PGA Tour champions love the event,” insisted John. “They are trying to advise young people, to work with them. It is a commitment to the Horse TT program. ”

Even though there were no teenagers or fans at the event, the competition still raised more than $ 1.5 million for the first T program.

This week’s PGA Tour Championship will be the first to win 20 tour titles. Stewart Appleby was the PGA Player of the Year in 2010.

In addition, long-time champion Eddie Fernandez will make his PGA Tour Championship debut. Fernandez spins the ball over 480 meters, the ball travels over 200 miles.

Defensive champion Jim Fork will not return to defend the 2020 title as he is an assistant captain for the upcoming United Red Cross Cup.

The top 23 fan teams and 10 top amateur teams will make the cut on Sunday at P.B.

In addition, two special events will be held on Thursday at the Tea Golf Course from the Champions Club Ryder Cup-style event 3-5pm, and the Chevron competition at 5pm on Hay.

Six PGAs, including Stevenson Sydney Craven, were among the first 80 players selected to play in the Chevron tournament. Includes players and six teenagers.

“There has never been such a PGA Tour,” said John. “When the players advise the teenagers, it is the opposite until next Saturday and the experts love it. It is good to get back to normal. ”

Spectators are invited to watch the PURE Insurance Championship on the Pebble Beach Golf Links. Spaglass Hill Golf Course is closed to the public. Tickets are not required. Public seating and food and beverage are not available, however, Pebble Beach restaurants and retail outlets are open.

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