Prince Wahid broke ground on an affordable housing project in Orlando, Florida

Prince Wahid Orlando Florida

Prince Wahid Orlando Florida

Prince Wahid Orlando Florida

Prince Wahid Orlando Florida

Amir Wahid broke ground on a affordable housing project in Orlando Florida

Orlando, Florida, United States, August 15, 2021 / – Amir Wahid; Home builders are proud to know that LCO has broken ground on an affordable housing project in Delta, outside Orlando, Florida. The project aims to meet affordable housing needs not only in Orlando but throughout Central Florida. The foundation is being built for the first phase of housing, but further steps will be taken for the project to succeed.

Behind the scenes, while affordable prices are the main driving force, it is important for home builders LCC to complete the project in a sustainable manner. The world is moving towards renewable energy solutions, and the company is following trends in this direction. To ensure energy sustainability, the company has partnered with a Turkish company to install solar panels. In this partnership, the residents of the rooms live in separate houses. All the energy comes from the solar panels on the roofs of their houses, so they do not need to pay any bills. As part of the main mission of the project, it plays well in the idea of ​​affordable prices.

Incorporating energy sustainability is not just a matter of achieving global sustainable energy goals. Amir Wahid is a firm believer. Over the years, he has donated thousands of dollars to courses aimed at tackling climate change. Of course, some of the proceeds from the project will go to nonprofits, which are designed to fight climate change and make the world a better place for future generations.

Customers are also pleased to know that one of the key principles is that they live in rooms built by a customer service company. At all the companies that Wahid has started and run, customers are always given a hearing on all their issues. It is part of the reason why all the companies, including the hosts, are very successful. Anyone who buys the units is guaranteed all the information needed to make the transaction a success. They are also guaranteed in-depth services after the sale process. For example, they are provided with information about the best professionals to perform routine repairs.

The best part is that the company allows customers to submit ideas for customization. Some customers have already sent in their ideas, and the room is open for new entrants. It’s a big deal because once the rooms are finished, customers will have a finished product that fits perfectly with the ideas they have in mind about what their dream home will look like. Clients who have sent customization requests can easily rest assured that the LL builders know that they have done a lot of project customization and are very successful in the past.

The company is committed to providing long-lasting and cost-effective solutions to its customers. The company is working with some of Florida’s best building materials suppliers to deliver this measure. Because the company is buying in bulk, it can get high quality materials at an affordable price. If a person wants to build a single unit and home builders use the same building materials used by LCC in this project, the total cost will be three to four times the cost per unit. The company can buy cheaply because of the size integration and the relationships it has had with suppliers over the years.

About Home Builders LLC
Housing Construction LLC is a Florida-based housing construction company. & nbsp; Over the years, the company has been involved in the construction of affordable housing in Florida.

About Amir Wahid
Amir Wahid is an entrepreneur who has been in business for the past 25 years. Although he has a hand in many industries, he is truly known for his success in the real estate sector. Through several real estate companies, Wahid has high-end luxury features in Florida and demand for affordable housing. Amir is also a socially aware entrepreneur. Contributes to success by contributing to courses to combat climate change. It is also regularly donated to homeless charities in Florida and beyond. His philanthropic efforts have helped to change the lives of many homeless people.


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