Preparation for DigIndy will cause traffic headaches on the east side

August 19, 2021

INDIANAPOLIS – Citizens Energy Group Pleasant Run South Drive at the intersection of East Pleasant Run Parkway N. Drive at N. Ritter Ave. August 2. Traffic is closed using 10th St., E. Washington St. and N. Arlington. Construction is expected by the end of September.
The closure is the result of a well-planned RunTunnel segment for the Digini Cave System, which begins at the southeast corner of Ellenberger Park. Although the work in Elenber will not affect traffic, it will close the park’s southeast fourth – athletic fields until 2025.
Since the closure, drivers have been complaining that drivers are taking shortcuts around the narrow streets used by children. In a hurry (after 5 pm), some people in the area find it impossible to find their homes or turn around. Traffic was disrupted in East 10th St. and East Washington
According to Citizens Energy Group, Digindi is a long-standing project that will solve the city’s decades-long drainage problem, which is polluting the White River and other water courses. Mixed sewers – pipes carrying water and sewage – were built over 100 years ago, but they no longer serve the needs of the city of Indianapolis. In 2025, the federal government ordered the city to rectify the situation.
The first phase of the DigIndy project began with upgrades to the Belmont Advanced Water Treatment Factory in 2003, and has been staged on critical water courses over the years. When the tunnels were completed more than 200 feet below ground, more than 250 million gallons of sewage would be stored after the rains. When the sewage capacity is low, a more advanced sewage treatment plant will be relocated to South Port.
The tunnels, including the one in Elenberger, were built with a boring machine under the foundation. The tunnel is then lined with concrete, groundwater and sewage.
The exciting run begins with a golf course in the southwest corner of Arlington, Michigan, and ends at the southwest corner of Lily Amusement Park.
Other tunnels on the northeast include the White River, the Lower Pug Run and Fall Creek, and are planned or completed for construction.
By the time the full 28-mile DigIndy Tunnel System is completed by 2025, up to 99 percent of raw waste, or 6 billion gallons a year, will be blocked from access to water lines in Marion County.

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