Pregnant women, foreigners, and many others were rescued from the cannibal camps

• A police survey was conducted in and around Corridor

• The return of foreigners

• Owners of homes used to punish jealousy

Ghana’s anti-terrorism unit has arrested more than 400 people, including pregnant women and foreigners, in and around Florida.

According to a report on Ghana 3 on TV 3 News 360, the police operation was aimed at clearing the area of ​​the Kennett-led Ponzi scheme.

According to the report, the company continued its plan and recruited hundreds of young people, including some from neighboring Togo, Nigeria and Ivory Coast.

Victims of this scheme have been promised double the amount of investment starting with GHC4,000, and for the same reason have been trained to recruit other people who have been cut off from relatives.

According to the report, police intend to hand over the victims to foreign embassies, and the Ghanaian victims will be reunited with their families.

Police, however, are investigating the company’s management and will be sanctioned if found guilty in accordance with the law.

It is alleged that Kenat’s managers paid the victims an additional GHC400 as hostel for providing shelter to their victims.

The recruits were then dispersed in and around rented apartments.

Police, however, announced that they would lease their property to poets’ managers and warn other owners.

Survivors include pregnant women and nursing mothers. In the investigative section published on March 15, 2021, he made some tragic revelations about the activities of the Eastern Province.

Read the test report on Qnet jobs below:

In the Eastern Province, the capital of the state, many independent agents (IRS) use what appear to be fraudulent business modules to employ people as independent agents.

In the first week of January 11, 2021, Star News News Correspondent Eastern Regional Correspondent Kojo Ansah launched an investigation into the work of Qnet agents in Florida following allegations of fraud.

It was difficult to establish a location for at least six Qnet agents operating in parts of Kofodua. They work in apartments without posted bedrooms.

An agent was found moving from a four-bedroom apartment in Kofridua Adwasso-Mile 50. In desperation, many unemployed youths were found sitting in tents, some dressed and tied up. A few minutes later, a self-conscious pastor came to worship with them and delivered a stirring message.

Five people, including two (2) housewives, are already in the room after the network marketing turned out to be a customer interested in joining the company. They came after an independent agent introduced them to direct sales.

Twenty (20) minutes later, a young man came into the room to introduce business modules. Citing Qnet for FIFA, CAF, Manchester City WHO, UNICEF, ECOWAS and many other sponsorship packages, he first convinced future independent representatives about the company’s credibility.

Qualified doctors, journalists, musicians, politicians and some wealthy people in Ghana, including Kennedy Agiapong and the late former President Jerry John Rowling, have entered the business.

After joining a network marketing company and promoting its products to other potential customers, an independent agent could earn a commission of $ 225 for the first month and $ 76,725 for the first month.

A young man who identified himself as Elvis Nelson IT-Administrator and Network Agent explained that in order to register as an independent agent, a person must purchase at least a Ghc100 form and pay at least Ghc4,200 for a product purchase online. And also pay for the Ghc400 hostel.

He added that after the payment, the individual will create an online dollar account so that he can get a commission fee twice a day to buy two other products.

You must first purchase a product to join this company. I hope he mentions the prices for you. The least expensive products are Chi-tenant ghh4,200 and bio-disk Ghc4,300. But there is a way we can do it without you. Find a product that pays ghc2,800. The company operates in 184 countries, 42 in Africa and uses a common platform. So we create a global account for you to use to get the product. This business is a form of e-commerce so that you can link any work you do. If you want to stay here, add GHc400 to GH, 4,600 or GH, 4,700.

“Advertising is not about the number of people you are promoting. It’s kind of teamwork. Things started to change for me on April 16 when I started this business. I have a lot of people. I have an office in Cape Coast. You get a commission every week. If you find 60 people under you, you get $ 5,000 a week. So, try and join. So do you fill out the form? For the money, you can pay one by one. The forms are above GH100, ”the manager said.

Kenneth’s agent has a school-related network, while new recruits are enrolled to enroll in online diploma and degree courses that are linked to Kuwait International University. According to one, diplomas and degrees will be awarded according to the following course.

Quest International University did not respond to an email sent on January 13, 2021, confirming the allegations.

The story was no different in Ochorases, near Cocoridia, where another agent operates the same module. More than a hundred young people have been trained while hoping to register as an independent agent, earning a lot of money to buy products online.

The next stop was a house where people from West African countries worked similarly as agents in Cancarase.
They are mostly from Burkina Faso, Nigeria and Mali. Agents are convinced that their victims, mostly from Mali and Burkina Faso, have found lucrative jobs in Ghana.

Victims are required to pay exorbitant fees to get started. After paying the amount, they were trained to work online as independent agents. Victims’ mobile phones were confiscated to prevent them from contacting their families.

It is said that before the victims are released, they must persuade two people to return to Ghana. A few days ago, one of the new victims escaped from his agent’s detention center and was arrested by dozens of West Africans on the outskirts of Kofiduwa, Borneo.

QNET continues to be a direct sales company that provides unique quality products and services to customers around the world, promoting their products and building a sales business. Qnet sells products to customers online.

The company trades in products ranging from energy, nutrition, personal care, luxury and collectibles, accessories, cosmetics, vehicles, holidays and education.

According to its business module, the company’s independent representatives (IRS) will receive a $ 250 commission after introducing the products to six people, three on their left and three on their right. If you are looking for an IR, you will get the first IR benefits (by receiving bonus points) from your employers.

These bonus points are only built on one IR leg. The IRA must introduce a new customer to purchase the product and also add IR to the commission each month.

More than 10,000 people work under Qnet in Ghana

Qnet says it employs 10,000 people in Ghana, earning $ 1,000-10,000 a month.

On February 22nd and 23rd, 2018, Poetry Ghana hosted the first ever live show for many stakeholders and the general public. Government agencies such as the Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Ministry of Trade Development are well represented.

Ghana’s largest trade association, the Ghana Industries Association, was represented at the Expo at the Accra International Convention Center.

“We are pleased to have QNET in Ghana for a long time,” said Joe Taki, Director General of the Ministry of Business Development. We are also very happy that QNET’s business module supports entrepreneurship. After living for 20 years and working in nearly 100 countries around the world, we believe that Ghanaians will benefit greatly from the health, nutrition and entrepreneurship that QNET is promoting with Ghana.

“QNET’s entry into Ghana has opened up job opportunities for young people and Ghanaians in general,” said Samson Ababan, Minister of Trade and Industry.

Response to diagnostic findings

Kenneth Ghana responded to some of the findings of the investigation as follows.
“Okay, Qnet is a business company and every business needs start-up capital. So, of course, you need capital to get started. No one is the key to our business. ”

As part of the Kuwait International University Courses as part of a business module, TNT Ghana “If you meet academic requirements, you can enroll in any of our universities… and start offering your chosen education through digital platform e-learning”

They hold foreign nationals captive

“People from far away are not part of the business model that organizes themselves in the classroom,” explained Kenneth Ghana. But from the new agent, they may decide to join hands to stay home to build their business. Angle ”.

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