Prechard received the 2021 MacArthur Family Faculty Award

Michael Prechard. Photo courtesy K-State Salina “/>
Michael Prechard. Photo courtesy K-State Salina

Rex MacArthur Fellow of the Rex MacArthur Fellows in the Integrated Research Unit at Kansas State University Salina received the 2021 Award.

The annual award recognizes Salina, a professor of K-State who respects his outstanding service in teaching and research, and his commitment to the college, the university, and the community.

A.D. Since joining Salina in K-State in 2019, Prechard has helped identify and create new degree programs and has served as chair of the campus Machine Learning and Autonomous Systems Program.

Prechard’s current research explores machine knowledge, data theories, and cybernetic design patterns between humans and machines. State of Salina has received funding from the U.S. Treasury Department to modernize machine learning and virtual reality infrastructure.

K-State’s Salina CEO and Dean Alicia Starky said: His industry experience, conference presentations, published papers, and collaboration of two new degree programs make him a worthy recipient of this award. The service contributions go beyond the average faculty member, and it is usually the first vote on the table to continue the push. The campus ahead. “

“Driving on campus and staff and creating long-term strategic impact on the campus will inspire me to create my energy in my classrooms and research,” said Richard. “Similarly, our students are amazing. They are engaged, devoted and every part of us here. That makes our campus a pretty cool place.

Prechard holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of Kansas, a master’s degree in information systems from Northwest University, and a doctorate in information systems, analysis and decision making from Dakota State University.

Prior to joining Salina Faculty, K. Richard worked for companies such as Waddell & Reed, Deloitte Consulting, and the International Corporation for Science Applications. He has consulted and provided expertise to organizations such as the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the U.S. Department of Energy. He also served as a graduate lecturer in information science at the Berkeley School of Information.

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