Pre-certification certification has been developed for oil and gas producers

Denver, August 26, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Project Canary, a leading natural gas certification company, and Energy Water Sustainability Center (CEWS) Colorado State University Establish the first-class clean water reporting framework and standards for the oil and gas industry. Pure water supply and management is an integral part of the well’s completion process, and this framework facilitates and encourages productive efforts to provide clean water supply through a responsible RSG certification program.

  • Water use plays a central role in oil and gas production, and the development of clean water access and utilization standards provides an accurate assessment of their use in oil and natural gas works.
  • Manufacturers can now identify their performance in terms of water use and responsible stewardship to reduce or eliminate clean water use.
  • Companies are considered more responsive to ESG purposes in their work.
  • A valid and independent ESG certificate for oil and gas water supply.

The new reporting framework focuses on responsible clean water utilization and mitigation efforts and allows producers to differentiate their performance in terms of water use. Companies recycle or reuse water in their operations are considered more responsive to ESG objectives, thereby promoting sustainable water systems.

The vision of bringing an accurate and independent ESG certification to Project Canary to the oil and gas water sector is dynamic. Working to bring high water stewardship to the oil and gas industry has been very important to our team, and we are excited to launch the program. Many regions of the country, ”he said Ken Carlson, Director of CEWS.

“The CSU The team’s commitment to sustainable work is in line with Project Canary’s mission. The framework developed by our teams demonstrates the same engineering strength contained in the TrustWell certification. ” Josh Zyer, Lead Cancer Certification Engineer at Project Canary. “Implementing this clean water-enabled feature in our TrustWell process will enable leading operators to identify their ESG management.”

As drought conditions worsen and water becomes a growing commodity, especially in dehydrated areas, operators should strive to reduce their impact on groundwater and clean water resources. The new program will provide water to the regions that increase water stress in an environmentally friendly way that provides competitive water use, population and drought severity.

Freshwater Suitable Certified Behavior combines low-methane-certified Behavior to meet broad TrustWell’s project Canary certification.

The white paper can be seen here.

About Project Canary Project Canary helps energy companies collect, manage, process and use real-time location data. We are the leader in the verification of responsible operations throughout the energy value chain and provide measurement-based performance profiles through a series of monitoring technologies. TrustWell has the most complete water pad and mid-stream verification program in Project Canary. Project Canary is a high-level recognition badge.

About Energy Water Sustainability Center – CVS, located in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Colorado State University, Has been working for more than 10 years to increase the sustainability of water use in the oil and gas industry. Major initiatives include improving water transportation systems, recycling and recycling technologies, and Colorado Water Hour, the first real-time groundwater control system in public. CEWS believes that as long as oil and gas are produced, the industry has little environmental and social implications and should employ the best water technology and management practices to ensure its mission.

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