Power infrastructure near Ida Storm

Hurricane Ida is approaching the US Gulf Coast – home to key U.S. energy infrastructure – and is expected to make a landslide on August 29. Hurricane Ida could damage local energy supply and demand, especially for transport fuels and electricity. Our Map of energy disruptions It shows geographic data (also called map layers) related to the hurricane infrastructure at the National Hurricane Center and the National Weather Service and high-voltage transmission lines, power plants and petroleum bulk terminals.

We also publish key product, consumption and operating status information. We collect and publish information on electrical load per hour for each of the 68 balanced authorities in the lower 48 states. American Clock Electric Grid Control. The effect of a hurricane on the electrical load can be seen in the data, as long as balanced authorities pass information to us. For example, in September 2017, the widespread disruption following Hurricane Irma reduced electricity demand in Florida by 64% for the year.

According to reports to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, our Nuclear Termination Page contains the daily status of each of the country’s 57 nuclear power plants. Louisiana has two nuclear power plants – Wardford Unit 3, near New Orleans, and the River Bend nuclear power plant, far inland. Both institutions have been operating at full capacity since August 27.

We collect and publish information on transport fuels at the PADD level at the Petroleum Administration. The Gulf Coast is a key area of ​​US oil refining infrastructure because it holds more than half of the US oil refining capacity.

Source: US Energy Information Administration East Coast and Gulf Coast Transport Fuel Markets

Typically, when consumers buy fuel to prepare for release, demand for fuel in the affected areas increases rapidly in the days leading up to the hurricane. This rapid, unexpected increase in demand puts pressure on local innovations as the rest of the supply chain does not have time to respond. Louisiana declares state of emergency ahead of Hurricane Ida.

Our Weekly Petroleum Status Report Regional oil markets provide the most recent weekly estimates. As of August 14, the Gulf Coast region had lost 84.9 million barrels of diesel, or 6%, in mid-August.

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Featured image from US Energy Information Administration, Map of energy disruptions

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