Power congestion markets are declining

What’s Happening As energy prices soar, world markets stagnate on Tuesday. One major problem is the shortage of natural gas due to low storage and demand jumping as the movement recovers from VV-19.

Wholesale natural gas prices in Europe continued to hit record highs on Monday and continued to collect on Tuesday, according to Tom Marzek-Manner at the ICIS. The future of natural gas in the United States has also jumped, with temperatures rising in most parts of the country in 2014.
Just as demand for domestic products is growing, China is struggling to cope. Companies in the country’s industrial lakes have been told to limit their energy consumption, and according to state media, supply has been cut off for some homes – including people holding elevators.

According to Marcé-Mansur, Asia is currently “shaking” Europe to deliver similar natural gas. He said prices in the United States are “almost non-existent,” but they are clearly at an all-time high.

Conditions are growing in the form of national governments trying to curb instability by preventing high costs and shortages. It shows another key risk for investors.

Look at this place – there are already concerns that economic recovery is slowing down in the United States and China. Violence in the energy market will only aggravate the situation.

Numera analysts cut China’s growth forecast by 7.7 percent on Friday, citing the “number of factories” that were due to “shut down” due to local energy shortages or power outages. Add to coal prices and shortages.

Goldman Sachs said on Tuesday that its GDP growth forecast for 2021 has dropped from 8.2% to 7.8%, indicating a “recent decline in production in high-energy industries.”

Crane, chief economist at Panton Macroeconomics, told clients: “Short-term economic activity may be more dragged by this shock than by overcrowding.” Close.

Falling markets – Anxiety over rising energy prices is linked to widespread fears of rising bond prices. High-yielding stocks encourage investors to invest in high-tech stocks that perform better when bonds become more expensive.

Shares Apple (APL), Microsoft (MSFT) And Amazon (AMZN) In pre-market trading, they are all down by approximately 1.5%.

Meanwhile, Brent crude is booming in the next three years, hitting record highs. U.S. oil prices are at an all-time high since October 2018, and if the winter is colder than expected and natural gas remains safe, prices could rise sharply.

“Oil may need to strengthen itself in the face of rising gas and coal prices,” Blueberg analysts said in a report published on Tuesday.

Federation officials have resigned after being criticized for their professionalism

Officials at Boston and Dallas Federal Reserve Banks have announced their retirement in the wake of a dispute over their private investment decisions.

Recent: The head of the Boston federation, Eric Rozengren, has announced his resignation about a year ahead of schedule, according to CNN’s Annecon Tape. He was scheduled to retire in June of the following year, but he postponed that date until Thursday. His message to his staff was that he had kidney disease and that he needed a transplant.

In a statement Monday, Dallas Federation President Robert Kaplan said his retirement would take effect in early October. He said the move was prompted by a recent audit of the transaction.

“The Federal Reserve is approaching a critical point in our economic recovery,” Kaplan said in a statement. Unfortunately, my most recent focus on my financial statements may have been the neglect of the Federal Reserve’s performance for that important work.

Back: When the central bank bought hundreds of billions of dollars in assets to boost the economy, federation officials responded to trade during the epidemic. The stimulus from the central banks has been a great blessing for the financial markets.

The Boston Federation recently announced that it has investments in the real estate sector. At the same time, the central bank buys $ 40 billion in mortgage-backed securities every month.

My point is that the decision is important for the federation to review the code of conduct.

The quake may have immediate political consequences. Rosengren and Kaplan were the hawks or officials who supported the rapid reversal of the epidemic. The new Boston FD president will be a voting member of the federation’s decision-making body next year, with the Dallas federation president in 2023.

This Hamster is hitting the Crypto portfolio market

Marketers do not like to be reminded that it is difficult to predict market demand consistently. Unfortunately, Hamster decided to bring the message home.

Since June, a German hamster, Goxx, has been developing an independent portfolio of cryptography from high-tech cottages. His portfolio includes a number of cryptocurrencies, including ether and bitcoin, according to CNN business partner Ramshah Maruf.

How it works – Gox marketing sessions will be streamed live on Twitch. First, the hamster runs on a “intended wheel,” which rotates around and selects cryptography. Then, he cheats through a “Buy” Cave or “Selling” account, a cryptocurrency worth approximately € 20 ($ 23.35) (approximately killed by an unknown hacker).

Industry website Protos reports that Mr. Goxxx has reached almost 30% since the start of trading digital assets better than bitcoin, the S&P 500 and Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway.
The way it goes – maybe Mr. Gox is a market hunter, and we all need to tap our hamsters to prepare for retirement. Alternatively, he supports a well-established theory: If markets are successful by incorporating all public information, prices are driven by chance. That means that the monkey that casts bullets on the board should also be able to make respectable portfolio managers.

There is much room for debate as to whether markets are really efficient. But financial advisers can point out Mr. Goxs as evidence that instead of trying to win the system, the average investor will be wise to invest in larger assets.


Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Paul and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen appeared before the Senate at 10 a.m. Corona Virus Recovery.


  • U.S. Consumer Confidence data arrives September 10.
  • Micron (MICR) Reported results after US markets closed.

Tomorrow – Eyewear brand Warby Parker is expected to start trading on the New York Stock Exchange. In contrast to the traditional first public offering or IPO, the launch is being announced directly through the list.


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