Power and Precious Metals – Weekly Review and Calendar Future

By Barani Krishna

Investing.com – Forget that OPEC + will meet again on Monday. Or the USS work report for Friday, September.

Think more of it than last Friday’s Mark Covel pill announcement, because that could be more dangerous than anything in the near future.

As you may recall, the effectiveness of the COV-19 vaccine (NYSE: PFE) 95%, Moderana (NASDAQ: MRNA) 94%) Brent, the world’s largest oil producer, jumped 27% that month alone, and has already risen 53% this year.

Certainly, the first oral treatment for coronary heart disease is still in place for Mercury Pills. Despite the initial enthusiasm for vaccination, their release did not go as planned, and the poorest parts of the world are still waiting to be vaccinated in large numbers in the most privileged countries.

What is clear is that despite the resurgence of coviary terrorism in the delta, countries are pushing to open up their economies. But it is the fear of new circumstances that keeps many from continuing their “normal life.”

For record, Mercedes (NYSE: MRK), a combination of regenerative biotherapeutics, has reduced the risk of hospitalization or death by approximately 50% in patients who have not been vaccinated.

Molenopiravir’s effectiveness has not been affected when symptoms appear or in patients’ underlying risk factors, according to a study. It has also been shown to be effective in treating all covis differences, including the vast and highly contagious delta.

Merk says it has already started producing Molunipiravir. The pharmaceutical giant will produce 10 million courses by the end of 2021 and more by 2022.

The company has agreed to offer nearly 1.7 million Molunparavir courses to the United States until the Food and Drug Administration issues an emergency medical license. If the drug is approved, the federal government will have the option of purchasing additional doses, White House Coroner Virus Response Coordinator Jeff Zeins said in a statement on Friday.

Merk has entered into agreements with other governments for drug supply and purchase – pending approval – and is in talks with other governments on the supply of molupiravir.

The company plans to implement a World Bank-based pricing approach to ensure the availability of Molunpiravir globally. Mercury has previously announced non-exclusive licensing agreements with general manufacturers of molupiravir, a move aimed at helping low- and middle-income countries access to the drug. Those agreements are also awaiting approval from local regulators or an emergency permit.

While Merk is waiting for the NDF FDA approval, the idea of ​​a more acceptable recovery game than the vaccine could boost the new risk market.

In addition to stimulating food cravings, the pill can help stimulate large-scale recovery, convincing the Federal Reserve to boldly decide on the stimulant and the final step. Yes, bulls that are rising to new heights in oil and stock prices should not forget about the prospect of immediate federal action.

The threat of inflation is insane, and the return of people to work and repairing broken supply chains is likely to attract higher interest rates, which could provoke a bull market.

Oil market and price collection

Oil had the best of three months in September, gaining about 10%. OPEC + plans to launch more barrels in the market than planned, but has made a strong start to October with Merk Covil pills.

The New York-based West Texas Intermediate, which trades for US oil, paid $ 75.88 a barrel in the first quarter in October at 85 cents or 1.1 percent. For the week, WTI rose 2.6%. It gained 9.5% for September, the highest since June. For the third quarter, the U.S. gross domestic product increased by 2%.

London’s Brent crude, world oil level, ended Friday’s session at $ 79.28 per barrel, 97 cents or 1.2%. Brent is up 1.9% for the week. It gained 7.6% for September, the highest level since June. For the third quarter, global turnover increased by 4.5%.

OPEC + -13, which includes members of the Saudi-led oil exporters and a group of 10 other Russian-led producers, is set to go above and beyond the agreement to increase production by 400,000 barrels a day when it meets next week. It is reported that those who know the ideology of the Union speak.

According to sources, the move comes in the wake of a three-year low in oil prices and pressure from consumers for more supplies.

Eddie Moya, an analyst at Open Media Marketing, said that OPEC + was filled with more stones during the summer than the White House was trying to reduce inflation, but this time it was different.

“OPEC + could easily see a gradual increase of more than 400,000 bpd in November and you should probably consider doing so,” Moya said. “Power outages could trigger high volatility and undermine global growth prospects, so OPEC + should consider upgrading.

In September, U.S. gas prices rose by 35% in the United States, with fears of a potential power shortage in North America, Europe, North Africa, two-thirds of Africa and much of Asia. Months, as well as heating in the winter.

The knock-on effect of gas has doubled the price of coal — the world’s most popular commodity from an environmental point of view. According to Newcastle Port, Australia’s hot coal has risen 106% to more than $ 166 per metric tonne this year, according to pricing data at the end of September.

When he arrived in Europe, John Kilduf, a member of the Capital Fence Fund in New York, told CNBC: “Europe is behind the eighth ball in the winter. It focuses on this neglected commodity that has been neglected for many years.

The cost of maintaining electricity in Spain has tripled, reflecting a sharp increase in energy bills in the European Union in recent weeks. As Spain recovers from the VV-19 epidemic, Spain, Italy, Greece, Britain, and other countries are planning national measures to protect their citizens from subsidies to capital expenditures.

Gold Market and Fundraising

In the worst possible sign – for now – Gold has made a small profit since trading began in October, joining most of the vulnerable assets trying to recover from a September hell trip.

The decline in the value of the dollar and US bonds helped gold gain profits for the second straight week.

The U.S. gold futures deal traded higher in December, with New York Comex trading at $ 1.758.40 on $ 1.40 or 0.1% higher on Friday.

For the week, Thursday saw a sharp 3.4% loss in September and a 0.4% gain.

Craig Elam, an analyst at OANDA, an online trading platform, said:

It will be interesting to see if he can maintain these successes if the threat continues in the coming weeks. There are many obstacles that stand in the way of any obstacle. The first of these was $ 1,760, followed by $ 1,780.

Energy Marks Calendar Future

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