Pot-trained cows help save the environment, reduce greenhouse gases

Scientists have discovered that cows can be potty-trained and easier to teach a toddler.

The study, published by the German Research Institute for Agricultural Biology (FBN), could be a good way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as trained cows in the pot try to extract heat from the bells and gas. The main source of global warming.

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The study included 16 cows, 11 of which were able to use the “molo” correctly when needed. He mentioned that it took them 15 days to train young calves.

“Cows are at least 2 to 4 years old, at least as fast as babies,” said Lynsey Matthews, lead author of the study at Auckland University in New Zealand.

“In one or two urinals, most animals go down that road and open the door and go to the toilet,” says Matthew.

These findings are particularly important because cow’s urine contains high levels of nitrate, which can produce nitrous oxide in the air and contaminate water lines if not handled properly. The author of the study believes that toilet training can reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

According to the National People’s Radio (NPR), cows produce about 8 gallons of urine a day.

I was not surprised to learn how to urinate the calves involved in the study, but I am surprised that no one has shown this before. “The crucial question is – can it be measured?”

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