Postgraduate Study Associate in Integrated Energy System Modeling from Durham University | 266562

Department of Engineering

7th grade – 34,304 -, 40,927 per year
Fixed time – full time
Contract time: 24 months
Contract hours per week; 35
Closing date: 13-October-2021, 6:59:00 p.m.

Durham University

Durham University is one of the world’s leading universities in the fields of art and humanities, science and social sciences. We are home to some of the world’s most talented scholars and researchers around the world.

The university is housed in the beautiful Roman historic building of the UNESCO World Heritage Site, with the largest Roman building in Western Europe, the Duram Cathedral. College University, Durham recruits the best students from all over the world and offers an unparalleled student experience.

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Durham University wants to promote and maintain an inclusive and supportive environment for work and study that will enable all members of our university community to reach their full potential. Diversity brings strength and we welcome applications from international, national and regional communities to work with.

The department

The Department of Engineering is one of the finest UK engineering departments with a reputation for teaching, researching and hiring our students. The department considers research-based teaching ethics at all levels, and ranks 4th in the completed University Guideline 2022, Guardian 4 and The Times and 6th in The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2021. UK for General Engineering. Ranked 4 * for research impact in the UK, where 90% of engineering results at REF 2014 are ranked 3 * or 4 *, this dynamic unit is a great place to work. The department’s strategic vision is to drive more than 50% growth plan, research challenges portfolio over the next five years, and to enrich our undergraduate, postgraduate and postgraduate research offerings. It’s a fun time to join this expanding section and make your mark.

The department has an Athens SWAN bronze award recognizing our commitment to diversity at STEM Academy and reflecting the supportive and positive environment within the department.

The role

Applications are invited for four Postgraduate Research Associates (PDRA) posts in Integrated Energy System Modeling. Applicants are required to apply this skill in general modeling and analysis of energy modeling skills and to explore the capabilities of integrated cooling, heating and energy systems.

Successful applicants are expected to work closely with academic partners and industry partners to ensure that projects are presented successfully in the budget and achieve all goals. PDRAs work directly with senior and associate investigators in the Energy Systems team to contribute to EPSRC-funded research projects.


  • Transmitting and disseminating research papers in conferences and publications to a group or individuals in a presentation or discussion leading to a presentation.
  • It may include audience sponsors, research sponsors, academic and non-academic audiences.
  • Publish high quality results, including magazines and papers for review at meetings and workshops under the direction of the Inspector General or the Gift Owner.
  • To help develop research objectives and ideas.
  • To conduct individual and collaborative research projects under the direction of the Superintendent or Gift Owner.
  • Work with the Chief Investigator or Grant-Owner and other staff in the research team, as needed, to identify research areas, develop new research methods, and extend the research portfolio.
  • Discuss issues that may affect research goals and deadlines by consulting with the Chief Inspector or Grant-Owner and providing innovative or innovative solutions.
  • Establish internal and external communication to connect with research partners and develop knowledge and understanding for future research collaborations.
  • To plan and manage its own research activities, research resources contribute to the planning of research projects.
  • To provide training for research techniques / approaches such as peers, visitors and students.
  • Contribute to the support of student projects in the use of research modeling methods and techniques.
  • Contribute to the development of a shared and respectful work environment where everyone is involved and treated and everyone is treated with dignity and respect.
  • To participate in broader citizenship to support the department and broader discipline.
  • Attend appropriate training and development courses to participate in ongoing professional development.

This post is limited to 2 years – financial support for the project is limited to two years.

The co-owner is employed on a foreign-funded research project led by another partner. This means that although the post-developer does not conduct independent research on its own, it is expected that they will contribute to the development of the project by developing their own research ideas / adaptations and research development. Protocols.

Successful applicants will be in the mail by October 1, 2021.

How to apply

For regular questions, please contact Professor Tony Roskilly ( All questions are handled with confidence.

We prefer to receive applications online through the Duram University Vacancy Center. As part of the application process, you must provide details of 3 (better education / research) judges and your current line manager to find an employment reference.

Applications from the under-represented women and black and minority candidates are particularly welcome in the university’s academic posts.

What to submit?

All applicants are required to submit:

  • CV and cover letter outlining your experience, strengths and abilities in the above criteria;

Next steps

Applicants for the site evaluation will be able to meet the required requirements. Candidates who are registered will be invited for an interview and review on the day of confirmation.

The requirements



  • A good bachelor’s degree in engineering with high thermodynamics, electrical and control content (equivalent to UK 2 – I hold a degree or higher).
  • PhD (or close to purchase) in energy system modeling.


  • Experience conducting high quality basic academic research in integrated energy system modeling.
  • Ability to write quality articles that are comparable to those published in high-quality magazines.
  • Ability to present research papers at conferences and present complex information to specialists and the wider academic community.
  • Evidence of extensive computer research and development experience.
  • An in-depth understanding of thermodynamics and electrical systems and controls.
  • Experience in presenting research results.


  • Strong background in power system modeling application.
  • Excellent skills in computer modeling using ESL, MATLAB, Simulink or other related dynamic simulation software.
  • Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team, including participating in research meetings.
  • Ability to work independently and on strict deadlines.
  • Excellent personal and communication skills.
  • Excellent presentation and distribution skills.
  • High level of organizational skills.
  • Ability to contribute to the planning and management of independent research

the wanted:


  • MSc Degree in Engineering


  • Strong print record in peer-reviewed journals, commensurate with work standards.
  • Record of research at work conferences, symposiums or meetings, commensurate with the level of work.
  • Ability to develop research ideas and designs in collaboration with other scholars.
  • Experience supervising students regarding the development of their practical / research skills, for example, supervising student projects.
  • Experience conducting high quality basic research based on the assigned project
    • Modeling of electrolyzer and fuel cell systems
    • Modeling of hydrogen fuel systems
    • Modeling of heating, cooling and energy storage systems
    • Modeling of multi-vector power systems
    • Simple modeling methods such as response floor modeling
    • Development of digital twins (holding requirements, data preparation, measurement and verification)
    • Industrial process, power and steam plant modeling.


  • Strong background in modeling and validation of electro-chemical systems, including electrolyzer and fuel cell systems.
  • Ability to plan and manage independent research.

DBS standard not applicable.


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