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How many times can you walk your dog in your room without paying attention to what you are doing?

There are tax-free days out of the 365 days of the year. For example, say you lied about lack of energy, so your spouse agrees to walk the dog. That can be done 20 days a year. Only 345 days left.

What about the weather? Rain, wet or snowy roads, and cold weather can be your friends. They will release you for another 30 days.

In the remaining 315 days, your wife will be willing to walk for at least 300 dogs. That’s great, but our dog likes to walk twice a day. So you, too, are stuck with at least 300 walks. You have 15 days left to give your dog a compass and a cell phone and tell him to have a good walk.

I admit that human beings need our physical activity. Creativity comes from this puzzle. I invented a new type of golf that was shorter than the big men’s golf course but shorter than the small golf course.

I think my neighbors are keeping their brains at a distance and walking behind me or next to the dog. no I do not. In my mind’s eye, I thought of class golf. When I tried to slap a mosquito, I hit my head.

Subdivision Golf is perfect for people in a hurry. You do not have to drive miles to an adult course. You don’t have to procrastinate after golf and socialize with your friends.

You can store people who don’t like you in the golf course. Such hatred stems from the money that many homeowners spend on their lawns. People get upset when your nine iron picks up a 6-inch dive from their pit. In my opinion, they should think that the golf course can be routed around.

I guess how a typical round mini-golf goes. First, two or three clubs and a child were tied to a red carriage. Your dog will act like your father, pulling the cart.

Next, go into your own backyard and relax. Swinging a circle often. Be careful not to come in contact with the lawn in your yard. Those 6-inch dives will be useless.

You are now ready. The first hole is green on a nearby grass.

Shorten the first hole because it is still loosening. The green should be in the yard. The neighbor is less likely to see you because he is enjoying refreshments in the backyard.

Because your body is still relatively strong, the smoke in the first hole may go through a neighbor’s window. There is no point in running. The neighbor knows you. Your best bet is to point the dog at him and say, “Bad dog! Bad dog! ”

There are only three holes in the first course. The second hole in the front of the house is usually located in the back yard of a neighbor watching TV. That should minimize disagreements with him, but in such a situation, a golfer must be able to escape before the landlord can return.

The third and final pit is also in the neighboring yard. This is the only well in the course. As you can imagine, water is a swimming pool. In any case, there is an attractive lifesaver.

Since golfers enjoy playing different courses, I plan to create three-hole courses in other subdivisions. Those homeowners may like you, but if you only play those courses once, your risk is reduced.

Who am I kidding? They hate you.

To reduce hostility toward you, I recommend deception. Buy some golf balls with fake names printed on them. When a householder in a strange neighborhood finds a ball, he becomes angry with the person mentioned. This method will not work in your area.

In addition to practicing, I have an idea – turn off your cell phone while playing. Your spouse can call while you are in the critical 3-foot line. Cruel? Yes, but that is what spouses do.

Frank Hill is a resident of Fort Wayne.

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