Ports to reopen in OC after oil spill

Host Strength and SWAT ShotAccording to Leslie Marin from the capital, Los Angeles, robberies and shootings escalated Friday afternoon.

Illegal bonfire in Boyle Heights Friday nightMore than 200 people gathered at Boyle Heights illegally. LA City Fire believes it could be an illegal club.

Huntington Beach Oil Spill -Pipeline may have been damaged for a yearThe coastguard says the pipeline may have been damaged a year ago.

The La County immunization obligation appliesFriday is the first full day of the Los Angeles County immunization mission. Nicole Costotto reports.

Ports to reopen in OC after oil spillDana Port and Newport Port reopened on Friday night after the Orange County oil spill. Stacey Butler reports.

An armed stand outside the liquor store will end peacefullyThe suspect, who was arrested outside a liquor store in Florence, is now in custody and will be released peacefully.

End in downtown La La, suspect shootingThe kidnapping in Los Angeles ends after the suspect is shot.

Robbery, shootings lead to hostages at LAPD levelThe Los Angeles Police Department is investigating a shooting that took place Friday afternoon on South Broadway and downtown 7th Street.

Newport Beach, Dana Ports; The sand of the Laguna beach will reopen but not the oceanOrange County reports that some beaches and ports have reopened, with oil spills closing most of the coast last week.

Clean up homeless neighborhoods that cause confusion in some areasRick Montanez reports from neighbors Howles Hills about the return of a homeless home that was swept away just a week ago.

Rundown (October 8 PM edition)Here are the latest headlines on local news and weather. Updated twice a day.

La County Sheriff’s Representatives Defend Suspects in Absolute Florence BarAn unidentified man ran into a liquor store and got into an argument with the sheriff’s representatives near Florence, south of Los Angeles.

Members of the George Floyd family begin a “thank you” tour at Lemmer ParkOn Friday, George Floyd’s uncle and other family members were in Los Angeles to begin their nationwide “Thanksgiving Visit” in Leort Park.

LAPD Investigation Shooting DowntownPolice are investigating a shooting in South Broadway and 7th Street in Los Angeles.

Concerns over scent continue to be felt by CarsonIn Carson, there is a smell that has been in the air for days. Candice Crown reports.

La County Vaccination Duty Full Result for Some BusinessesAccording to Christine Lazarus from San Fernando, the owner of the local brewery is ready to test the vaccination conditions of customers under the new rules.

As the Boys in the Blue are ready to grow their businesses, companies set out for the Dodgers postLocal companies say it benefits the Dodgers and is good for their business. Rachel Kim reports.

County beaches in Laguna Beach will reopenHowever, only sand is open to the public – the beach and the water remain closed. Amy Johnson reports.

Fans can watch NLDS Game 1 at the Doger Stadium viewing partyThe $ 70 ticket includes some discounts, parking and a shiny souvenir. Kara Finstrom reports.

Class action uniform charged after Rancho Cucamonga football coach arrested for hidden toilet cameraRancho Cucamonga School District – Class Action The case was reported on Friday after a football coach was arrested on suspicion of installing a hidden camera in a high school toilet on behalf of hundreds of victims. As Katie Johnston reports.

A new California law makes it illegal to remove a condom during sexual intercourse without permissionCalifornia Gov. Gavin Newsom said Thursday that it is illegal to remove condoms during sex. As Katie Johnston reports.

Charges against the owners of underground clubs, casinosCity attorney Mike Fewer is taking action against three underground clubs and casinos. Demarco Morgan reports.

Golden Globes Forms Partnership with NAACP during Reconstruction ImageThe Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which is working on the Golden Globes, announced a partnership with NAACP on Thursday in an ongoing effort to repair the broken image.

The FDA warns against the use of artificial inseminationAccording to the FDA, cancer-causing chemicals have been found in ArtNaturals hand sanitizer. Susan Marcus reports.


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