Porsche Inc. signs a 25-year solar power deal at its Atlanta headquarters

Running the headquarters and customer experience center can be energy-hungry. But thanks to a new agreement with a Solar energy supplier, Porsche can take some stress off the grid and save on overall emissions in the process.

Porsche announced on Monday that it has signed a 25-year agreement with Cherry Street Energy to develop and operate a solar microgrid. Cherry Street Energy, the largest provider of utility solar in Georgia, owns and operates this grid, selling the energy to Porsche.

Solar panels will be installed on new and old buildings — Porsche is expanding its One Porsche Drive footprint significantly over the next few years — in addition to placing panels on test track staging areas and parking garage sidewalks. In total, Cherry Street Energy believes the grid generates 2,050 megawatt-hours of electricity each year, which Porsche says represents a “large portion” of the site’s annual energy needs.

Generating that much solar energy has a huge impact on pollution. According to the Porsche newsletter, using this new microgrid will save 3.2 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions each year. In the year It is part of Porsche’s goal to become completely carbon-neutral by 2030. Porsche uses low-carbon concrete and other sustainable practices at its headquarters, including local landscaping and water recycling. The latest campus expansion aims to achieve LED Gold certification, as well as the second highest level on the Sustainable Building Framework.

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