Politicians, ambassadors to Portugal’s Maritime Week events in May

Politicians and ambassadors as well as representatives of the shipping and banking industries will convene Lisbon For a series of events next month at Portugal Delivery Week Banner

The week-long meeting, which is being prepared PetrospotIt takes place in Lisbon May 9-13.

Petrospot is hosting a conference. May 10 As the main event of the week. The event will focus on Portugal’s alternative energy supply development and other maritime issues. Llewellyn Bankes-HughesPetrospot Managing Director said. Ship and Banker.

“Portugal has been one of the most volatile countries for centuries, but people outside the country do not know much about it,” he said.

“The idea is to put it back on the map.”

In the keynote speeches of the conference from Portuguese Ports Association And the Portuguese Minister of Infrastructure and Housing, as well as speeches by delegates German, English And Norwegian Embassies in Lisbon.

“The ministry is going to say what Portugal is doing – and indeed it will be green, it will try very hard to get into hydrogen and LNG,” said Bankes-Hughes.

“The whole week, in fact, is about green ports, green shipping and green banks.”

The second session will focus on the Navy Transition list, including the look Simon Bennett Industrial component International Shipping DepartmentAnd Juta Paul MEP German Green Party.

Additional sessions will follow how the net zero target and ports are preparing themselves to support a sustainable load.

Other events during the week include Petrospot ‘Shipping & Shipping Service’ courses and ‘LNG Bunking’ entrance courses. Portuguese Ship Owners Association (ISAP) Focused on the country’s flag record; WISTA‘s Atlantic Forum, tours to Yilport Terminal And Science Filters And GalapAtlantic Conference.

Click here for more information and to see the full program.

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