Phil Mickelson: ‘There are a lot of new, young and fresh players on his regular tour, I don’t know who two-thirds of them are.

Phil Mickelson seems to be really enjoying the PGA Tour Championships – winning three of his four events will help. The most recent victory came in the constellation Forrick and Friends in Jacksonville, Florida.

But it is not just about winning. The 51-year-old prefers aggressive behavior in the highlands, and is having a good time playing with men he knows well, unless he is familiar with the golf players on the PGA Tour.

I don’t think there are any competitions that I really enjoy going out and playing on a regular tour, so it’s fun for me to go out here and do a few things that I try to improve and play. With men I know. I know all these people here.

The four-hour delay in the first round of Timukana Friday sent everyone in.

With that rainy delay I go into the closet and I know everything there, but there are a lot of new, young, hot players on the regular tour, I don’t know who two-thirds of them are.

Jim Furyk became the second golfer to win his first double in his hometown last year. It didn’t take long for Michaelson to become third. He now has three wins in four trips and more than $ 750,000 in revenue.

“It’s a good start. I have fun, I enjoy playing here. I enjoy being around men, I enjoy golf, I know how to be a little more aggressive and when I make a mistake in verse 5, I can still recover. You do that on a regular visit, you eat it alive. You alone can’t make those mistakes there and they have no chance to compete and compete and win. So I like that you don’t have to be perfect and I can escape here or there with a bullet or two, so it’s fun to play and play aggressive. ”

Make no mistake. After all, he is the winner of the PGA Championship.

“If I can play well in the regular season and compete and maybe win the PGA once or twice and have some credibility when I come here, I think that’s a good thing because it shows how high the performance on the championship tour is.” If I can stay on the world stage and compete in some regular tour competitions, I hope to help out here.

Mickelson’s next PGA Tour Championship Piga Tour will take place at the Zozo Championships in Japan, October 22-24 at Dominion Energy Charity in Richmond, Virginia. He will then play in the PGAA Tour, which will host the Houston Open in the same season, which will probably take place in the Phoenix on November 11-14, 2020. Masters.


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