PG course in defense technology to start with SPPU

PUNE The defense industry and technology have taken a quantum jump and it is very important for our country to start courses in the defense sector. For the first time in the history of the country, domestic technologies and manufacturing have declined significantly. We are seeing a lot of exports starting from our country. The academy is playing a major role in this development and there are about 300 academic institutions or universities working on DRDO projects by developing various new technologies, ”said the State Minister for Defense, R&D and Chairman of Defense Research and Development. DRDO, Ministry of Defense, Government of India. He was speaking at the signing ceremony of the PG Diploma in Defense Technology at the University of Southampton Funeral Home (SPPU) on Friday, the SPPU Department of Defense and Strategic Studies and the Institute of Defense Scientists and Technologies, Delhi.

Dr. Redi, Pravin K. Mehta, renowned scientist and DJ ACE, Shri Ramrananana, Deputy Chancellor DIT, (Institute of Advanced Technology), Dr. Vincenteswara Rao, Scientist and Director, Armaments Research and Development (RDA) ), Prime Minister Kurukar, Scientist and Director R&D (Engineers), KPS Murti, Scientist and Director, HML, Dr. CL Damejani, President, Institute of Defense Scientists and Technologists (IDST), UN Branch and SPPU Deputy Chancellor Dr. NS Umrani attended.

“We are now working on future technologies that will be used ten years later and will be developed in collaboration with academic institutions. The total budget for projects working with academic institutions is now 1,100 million and more plans are coming in to support academic institutions. So it naturally requires a lot of trained manpower and research teams across the country, so we want to analyze what we need to focus on. Currently, more than 2,000 industries are working with us in the Level 1 and Level 2 industries. More than 10,000 industries are operating in three cities. Thousands of startups have come to work in the field of defense. ”

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