Petroleum Minister uri Ri blames states for high oil prices. He mentions this reason

  • According to Union Minister Hardde Singh Pry, the center has not changed its tax on oil, despite the sharp rise in oil prices.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Wednesday said he did not want to impose tariffs on goods and services (GST). The Petroleum Minister told a news agency that despite the sharp rise in oil prices, the center has not changed its tax on oil. On the other hand, the West Bengal government, led by the Trinamol Congress, has “increased” prices, uri said. Starting in July, it will cost 3.51 per liter, with a liter of fuel 100-mark.

If your question is about gasoline prices, then the answer is yes. If your question now is why the price of oil is not going down, then the answer is because the states do not want to lower it. GST, ”PTI quoted Puri.

Uri Ri was a candidate for BJP candidate Pranca Tibriwal in West Bengal.

“The center charges 32 per liter (as fuel tax). We charged When the price of oil was $ 19 per barrel, it was 32 liters, and even if the price went up to $ 75 per barrel, we would still pay the same. With this At 32 liters, we will be offering free food, free housing and Ujajava, among many other plans. ”

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Last week, EU Finance Minister Nirmala Citraman said the issue of gasoline and diesel was referred to the GST Council only by the Kerala High Court. She told a news conference that members of the GST Council are very clear that they do not want to bring fuel under the GST.

“The court has made it clear that its members do not want this under GST,” Citharaman said.

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