Petroleum Economist 2022 Media Guide

The latest media guide from the Petroleum Economist is now available for download

Petroleum Economist Presented the 2022 Media Planner. Petroleum Economist It has been, and continues to be, a record for the world’s most powerful decision makers. The media planner shows how the brand is improving with a rapidly changing industry.

Petroleum Economist Today, the 88-year-old is more important than ever in history. ” Petroleum Economist. The global oil and gas industry is in a period of rapid change, with two challenges to supplying oil to the world economy and the need for low carbon and low emissions. We help senior executives overcome these challenges.

The most popular industry publication has been transformed into a digital platform, and physical journal is used for those who want to receive their information in print. The digital platform now includes Petroleum Economist Digital maps.

“The industry is undergoing rapid change Petroleum Economist As always, the reader will continue to enjoy the major energy industry decision makers. The services listed in this media plan show how key players in the energy industry interact with the world’s top decision-makers.

The planner includes information on digital media, print media and mapping services. The media planner can be reached here.

For more information on the marketing and mapping solutions provided Petroleum Economist, Please contact Owen Raw-res at


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