Petrol has announced the completion of 8H horizontal wells, producing about 8,000 barrels of oil per day.

Calgary, Alberta and Houston – ((Business WirePetroleum CorporationPetrotal“Or”Company”) (TSXV: TAL, AIM: PTAL and OTC: PTALF) Complete BN-8H (“ 8H ”) well, Petroleum’s fourth horizontal well.

The Bretana field produced an estimated 15,400 bucks registered

On September 4, 2021, Petrothal began production of its fourth horizontal well, 8H, with an unrestricted flow of approximately 7,600 barrels of oil (bopd). Selected highlights are as follows

  • Initial 8H production range from 7,500 – 8,000 bops; And,

  • Total current field production is currently approximately 15,400 bucks, per Petrotale record production level.

Completion of well 8H below budget

  • The cost of the 8H well came at 11% of the budget at $ 11.8 million.

  • Estimated unlimited rates, 8-8 approximate fees based on current Brent Oil Strip.

  • Well 8H targeted oil sand was cut off at an altitude of 4 meters. And,

  • The horizontal section of the 8H well was completed with Automated Drainage Control Technology (AICD) to better control the flow of water.

About Petrotal

Petrotal is a publicly traded, three-tiered (TSXV: TAL, AIM: PTAL and OTC: PTALF) oil and gas development and production company focused on the development of Peru’s oil resources in Calgary, Alberta. Petrotal’s main asset is 100% operational in Brett and Petroleum in Peru’s Block 95. Petroleum Production In June 2018. At the beginning of 2020, Petrotal became the second largest oil producer in Peru. The management team is led by a board of directors with extensive experience in oil exploration and exploration in Peru and in the field of oil and gas. It is actively building new initiatives to overcome the emotional energy production of the community by benefiting all stakeholders.

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