Pesaki ‘doesn’t know’ Biden manager for oil companies lowering gas prices

White House press secretary Jane Pesaki said on Wednesday that she did not know of any direct talks between bidding officials and energy companies about efforts to reduce gas prices.

The White House responded to a question about a Reuters report on the energy crisis in the United States. Sources said the discussion touched on a number of topics, including gas prices.

I don’t know if it has anything to do with oil and gas companies.

Release of Energy Secretariat Speeches SPR

The Biden administration is pressuring U.S. consumers to address global oil shortages caused by rising oil prices. As of Wednesday, gas prices had risen to $ 3.29 per gallon, up more than $ 1 a year ago.

Pisaki said Biden’s top economic advisers were exploring possible solutions.

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Pzki asked the president to continue to discuss the options available to him to address these shortcomings and ask his economic group to address issues affecting the people. “We know that some of the issues here are caused by the epidemic and there is a shortage of natural gas around the world, so the United States needs to continue to export natural gas.”

The White House is considering “alternatives,” but declined to comment further.

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The White House has called on a group of OPEC members and partners, including Russia, to expand production to address global oil shortages. Despite pressure, OPEC + countries said earlier this month that they had met their current standards for oil production.

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