People living in North Greenville Company use a popular domain for a natural gas pipeline project

Greenville, S.C. (WSPA) – People in North Greenville County are protesting against the proposed natural gas pipeline. Piedmont says the natural gas line is important for growth and development in the area.

Julie Turner has lived in North Greenville County for 20 years now. She learned about the planned pipeline through her backyard.

“For them, the cheapest and smallest assets should be in crisis,” Turner said.

Piedmont is exploring three lines for a new pipeline that will expand natural gas to people living in Greenville County. It is known as the “green line” that comes through the terrain

“If you build a 50- to 75-foot slab, I will leave a burnt surface, and my grazing lands will be nothing but red mud,” she said.

It is very cost effective for PNG but also affects many people on private land.

“That affects most private property owners and I don’t support using it,” said Mike Burns.

The project will fall into its own district. He met with PNG on Friday morning and said he was committed to working with people on the streets as much as possible. Some are still worried that the green line will be fruitful and that the company will use a popular domain to take over their land.

“So while the cards are still on the table, we have to get the best deal for the residents,” said Burns.

Environmentalist Frank Holman says the problem is twofold. He says the construction of the pipeline is one thing, but the development it can bring here will change the land forever.

“They are establishing it, so it will eventually serve a dense subdivision that will encourage expansion and undermine the quality of this community,” he said.

Turner thinks the pipeline will eventually pass, but those in PNG hope to listen and choose one of the other options.

“Don’t go this way in a safe environment, in rural areas and on private property,” he said.

PNG hopes to avoid using the popular domain for 7 News, and will only use it as a last resort.

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