People in the Northeast have access to free online university courses

Aberdeen University offers more than 1,100 fully funded courses on online courses.

Since September and throughout the academic year 2021/22, the University has been offering fully supported online courses in over 60 courses.

The initiative is supported by a national grant to assess and re-train opportunities for improvement and for people and businesses to respond to the economic impact of the VV-19 epidemic.

There are opportunities to study flexible, independent undergraduate, postgraduate and advanced career development (CPD) studies in digital skills, energy transfer, engineering, leadership and administration, law, health, and many more.

This includes free study places at the University’s online access courses in mathematics and English, which are often the first step for those who want to train or re-train, including elementary or high school.

This additional university-funded online course follows efforts to educate or re-educate local people through 2020/21, with hundreds of discounts, including its own Aberdeen community benefiting from the university’s free and discounted study programs, and through the Scottish Fund Upskilling Fund.

Professor Allan Spit, Vice-Chancellor of the University, said: “The wide range of courses offered by the university allows people to be flexible in their choices, and part-time study options are designed to suit them. Full-time work. This means that people can choose a learning option that suits their individual circumstances, allowing them to take the first step even when it comes to promotion or career change.

Professor George Boine, the university’s principal, added: “During the last academic year, the university has taken the lead in responding to the epidemic and other challenges by supporting local workers and businesses, giving people the opportunity to participate freely. And many have reduced study opportunities when they needed financial support to support their training needs. We are proud to be able to do it again. ”

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