Penn State Shenago has announced the launch of a golf program

SHARON – He met Frank Buhl, who established a course in the Hen Nango Valley in the early 1900s, and Golf left in the history of the Hen Nango Valley. Thanks to the support of the community and the Alumni, Penn State Anango is re-establishing a one-sided golf course in the 2022 semester.

Shiningo Campus participated in June in the PA-OH Community Foundation in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. “Donor Week” is an opportunity to raise funds for local community organizations and related donations from the Foundation. Hen Nango did this by participating in a weekly fundraiser to launch a golf program.

“We are very grateful for the support of the Foundation and for being part of ‘Donor Week’,” said Tai Cole, Director of Development and Aluminum Relations. Through such events, the Foundation continues to ensure that charities are alive and thriving locally. You are taking responsibility. We breathed a sigh of relief. It ensures that the community wants to see the success of the campus and build around our success.

The goal for Hen Nango to start a side program was $ 6,000. With the help of community members, graduates, staff, and the Foundation’s related dollars, the Hen Nango Campus has raised $ 12,778 from 28 donors, more than just raising the bar. The Community Foundation raised a total of $ 1,273,301 during the Gibing Week.

“When I started with Hen Nango, it became clear that the community had a strong golf culture,” said athletic director Amanda Houtt. With more than five courses and student questions in a 15-minute radius, it was very reasonable for us to add golf as the next sport.

Penn State Shenango Athletics has grown rapidly since its inception in men’s basketball in 2018. The field has expanded to include women’s volleyball and basketball, and golf is the next expansion.

Campus Director Joe Anne Carrick said: “Thank you very much for the support of the Community Foundation and the donors involved. The Foundation is actually promoting charities and local initiatives through fundraisers such as “Giving Week”.

Carrick continued, “There is power in the city right now. Adding sports on campus increases the number of students looking for activities near the campus. By partnering with community partners such as JCL Energy, Primary Health Network, Sharon Regional, HopeCAT, First National Bank, Winner International, Buhl Park, Buhl (Community Recreation Center), and many others, we are building a culture for students. ‘College-town’ atmosphere in Sharon.

“I am thrilled to have a college golf program here in our community here in Penn State. Now, young adults can stay close to their homes in a comfortable, friendly environment, help with local economic development, compete in golf and earn a pen state degree. While studying in Penn State, there is a great chance that children will grow up playing golf at Bul Park and then playing in their neighborhood at that college.

Golf teams typically have 10 to 12 student-athletes over the age. Shiningo will be free to start in 2022, and will join other Penn State campuses in the fall of 2023 at the Pennsylvania State University Athletics Conference. PSUAC is part of the United States College Athletics Association. More details about programs, courses and coaching notices will be available in the future.


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