Pelosi carries a domestic agenda on the line

I have a lot of faith in Nancy Pelosi. She has done a lot of magic. This could be the biggest challenge we face as Caucasus, ”said Representative Anthony Brown (DM).

“I do not have to worry about bankruptcy,” he continues. But I’m afraid it could fall.

Pelosi was the driving force behind Obama’s intervention, except for her intervention. But the longtime leader told a colleague in recent weeks that the tracks could not be more than the current two-track domestic agenda. Medicare, paid vacation, climate change – many party goals hang on the balance.

With the narrowest majority in history – only three House Democrats can give up and lose all their efforts – Pelosi has less money than he could ever get to pass Congress. And while this may be Pelosi’s last term in Congress, the outcome of the coming weeks could be a condemnation of her long and historic work.

Democratic leaders hope to pass the infrastructure bill next week at a cost of $ 550 billion, sending it to Biden Desk and promising senators to vote by Sept. 27. Increase speed in the social spending package as it may discourage promoters and impede your efforts.

As she speaks loudly, Pelosi relies on a wide range of support, both inside and outside the capital, to encapsulate the encyclopedia of individual needs and questions, to exercise great power, and to embrace the craft. Unbeknownst to them, people would give her permission.

“Every time you get into this big role, you get people who are worried and anxious,” said council chairman Steney Hoyer. I think we build trust and as long as we build trust we will have more ability to overcome both.

But even if everything goes according to plan next week: this means that a successful vote on infrastructure in the Senate will probably be followed by a vote on a social spending package: the biggest unknown remains outside the policy framework of the Senate.

Sens. Joe Manchin (DW.Va.) and Christine Cinema (D-Ariz.) Have openly stated their position on the $ 3.5 trillion budget, but have refused to give details of what the dollar will do to them. He even called for a “moment” during the negotiations.

That put an end to the efforts of the Belo Democrats, complicating Pelosi’s promise to move both the middle and the Liberal Party’s infrastructure budget and the largest package at the same time.

And the Pelosi Central Group strongly argues that the only way to move forward on that broad bill is to reach an agreement with the Senate. They promise to vote for anything that has not been blessed by you and Cinema.

Despite pressure from Democratic leaders and Biden, there is no indication that Manchini is close to providing a high line.

“What is needed? There is no timeline. I want to understand. ” “Everyone knows me well. My mind is mine, not theirs. ”

Pelosi is tired of waiting. So now she is doing everything she can – forcing her to take action in the house, thinking that it will unite their warring factions and Manchini and Cinema.

The House Budget Committee will spend several hours on Saturday collecting various committee drafts. But the sign is mostly symbolic; It does not resolve major issues, such as price tags or key policy disputes. Any big changes that Democrats want to make will come later.

Pelosi has promised to vote on next week’s social spending plan. Many Democrats are skeptical about the complexity of the bill and the many remaining issues with the Senate. But senior Democrats hope they can do enough repression in the coming days to persuade the Palosi Senate Centers to formally agree on a high-cost plan.

“The pedal is not for iron, the steel is for the floorboards,” said one senior Democrat who knew Pelosi’s thinking. Her legs were hanging out from under the car.

When Pelosi and Hoyer released the Patriots from the Capitol, they would receive the infrastructure bill on Monday, as promised to their moderate members, although private aides acknowledged that the vote itself could take place within a week.

Progressives, for his part, said they would not hold a vote until the Senate came up with a major social spending plan.

Considering that dilemma, some Democrats, in private, have angered both sides of the party at a crucial moment and think he may have made too much promise next week. But they don’t go to the record to express those frustrations for fear of being touched by Pelosi and his partner.

Liberal leaders in the council, including Ilhan Omar (D-Min), have repeatedly said they trust the speaker to join the group ahead of next week’s vote.

He said there must be a strategy, a movement so that we can all get what we want. And I believe the speaker will come up with the best strategy in the future.

But those same progressives are willing to drown if their needs are not met – just as the moderates dig for themselves.

Representative Don Beyer (D-Va). We sincerely hope that most of us will be protected and built – but what if we don’t? Tripas are relatively rare.

Prolonged disagreements over the summer and the harvest show that relations between the two Pelosi factions have deteriorated. The deep-seated mistrust in the middle and progressive camps is so obvious that both sides have resorted to public inquiry, rather than private negotiations, hoping to use their power in the council.

House Democratic Caucasus Chairman Hakim Jeffris (D.E.) predicted that Pelosi would meet those concerns next week, describing Pelosi as the group’s “legislator.”

“Democrats have to do it on the big stage next week,” Jeffrey said. This is a great time, but we will do it again.

Burgess Everett contributed to this report.

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