Peanut oil fire broke out at Danville factory

Daniel, V. – The Danville Fire Department responded to a structural fire on a 250 Selex drive at 2:30 a.m. Sunday.

First, rooms in the Blue Ridge fiberboard compound caught fire in the middle of the building. The building has a large asphalt boiler and electrical switches, pumps and panels.

The building was on fire, including all electrical appliances. Most fires come from oil spills. The fire was controlled by a bubble. Upon our arrival, the building was cut off by plant workers. The rest of the building was controlled by another line of fire.

The oil used to heat the stove was peanut oil. The oil burned and spilled out of the building. After controlling the fire, it was discovered that the stream was flowing to a large lake near the main plant.

Peanut oil is not considered to affect the environment, especially in low-rise buildings.

The damage to the building and its contents is significant. Planting may continue when repairs and / or replacement are completed by Blue Ridge staff. The cause of the fire was mechanical or external damage.

The Danville Fire Department responded with four engines, one ladder truck, one tanker and three support vehicles. Eighteen staff from the DFD stayed there for two hours and 15 minutes.

Apartments responded from stations on Lin Street, Industrial Road, Airport Drive, and West Main Street. The department received support from Blue Ridge Fiberboard Factory staff and a Danvilleville lifeguard.

No injuries.


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