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Adani Ports and Special Economic Zone

Completing four decades of experience, Captain Sandp Mehta is one of the leading players in the Indian marine industry. During his tenure, Captain Mehta gained extensive knowledge in port management, shipping, logistics and infrastructure business.

Captain Mehta’s responsibilities include supply chain and international logistics, wholesale and container port operations, global liner shipping, port infrastructure development and management.

Captain Mehta embarked on a voyage and quickly became the captain of the largest merchant ship at the time. After a 12-year voyage, Captain Mehta decided to head to the beach, where he hosted a number of senior executives in the container shipping industry.

After successfully completing a challenging career in the highly competitive container industry, Captain Mehta entered the new private port industry in India and joined the Adani team as the president and CEO of Mundra Ports and SEZ. During this time, the Mundara container has rapidly evolved from a small port to a large private port in India in a variety of businesses, including terminals, wholesale, liquid and automotive logistics.

In India, he was responsible for the development of container terminals, private railways, warehouses and domestic container depots and storage facilities for the Adani group.

Adani Group later took over as CEO of Adani Ports in Australia, where he was part of the main management team responsible for implementing integrated mining, railway and port development projects, including new port expansion.

Captain Mehta is currently the President of Adani Ports for Business Development and overseas port projects.
Captain Mehta has increased his practical knowledge over the years by conducting various specialized courses in shipping and transportation.

Captain Mehta has served as a chartered shipping broker, London and also a Masters Sailors Company, as well as a bankruptcy analyst and surveyor.

During his spare time, Captain Mehta writes on issues related to the marine and supply chain industries. He has also been invited as a guest speaker at various business and industry forums. Captain Mehta is keen to mentor young people and help them develop their skills. A civilized India firmly believes that it will lead to a developing India.

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