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The Imperial Participation Academy, which is open to all employees, is recognized for its quality leadership training and improved leadership experience.

The participation academy is a six-part training program for all staff at the Imperial for more than seven months each year. Informative and interactive sessions allow staff to explore improved relationships between science and society as they develop their engagement experience by experimenting with ideas and experiences. Applications are now open to join the 2021-22 team.

The program was designed and presented in collaboration with the Imperial Public Participation Team of the Science Communication Unit, and is an opportunity for colleagues to build trust, leadership skills and professional identity in the workforce.

“Imperial Engagement Academy offers excellent learning program that supports high-quality leadership development” Gainor Lewis, FInstLM, MSc Director of Strategic Partnerships

So far, he has worked for three years, completing the 45-member academy. This year, its high quality content, learning materials and approaches have been recognized by the Institute of Management and Administration. “Imperial Participation Academy offers an excellent learning program that supports high-quality leadership development,” said Guinor Lewis, director of the Institute’s Strategic Partnership. With this newly approved course, academics will be provided with additional resources through the institute as well as those who have contributed to the course. “We are thrilled to have this course and look forward to the immense benefits of this recognition by Imperial staff.

Amy Skins, one of the academics’ leaders, said: This will be the fourth time we have done our program and we will always have more participants. We hope that this new recognition recognizes that time and energy, and gives it added value that will be useful in their future endeavors. Public participation includes many important leadership qualities – communication, creativity, reflection, project management and teamwork – and how the academy supports participants in all roles to become future leaders.

The program uses expert opportunities and communication from internationally recognized master’s courses run by the Science Communication Unit, as well as practical opportunities and relationships through the public participation team and their networks. With this new external recognition, the academy will provide an important development opportunity for any Imperial staff member to engage a wide audience in their work.

“We believe that our research and education can be improved if we involve a wider community,” said Vicki Bryman, head of Imperial Public Participation. “We need to support our colleagues,” says Vicky. This, for her, applies to the academy of participation.

Applications for Action Academy are open to all staff until September 22.


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