Par Honey Oil Company is burning the Maritat project

Brian Wow, president of Par Mar Oil Oil Company, will present pictures to Marita City Council on Monday. (Photo by Michel Newbank)

Maritata – A $ 8 million to $ 10 million capital investment project in West Maritata was unveiled on Monday.

The project is located in the former public bank parking lot on the corner of Gilman and Put Research Roads and will be the largest business development in Maritata over the past several years, said Bob Monahan, general consultant of the land company. .

Monahan said the project includes a 14,000-square-foot commercial building on the first floor: an office space, including a restaurant. There will be a separate Par Honey Comfort Store on gasoline supply and Dunkin ‘Donut.

The headquarters of Par Mar Oil will be relocated from Westway Avenue to the second floor of the commercial building, Monahan said.

At least 100 jobs are expected.


“Someone pointed me to the property and we searched it” Brian Wow, president of Parba Oil Company of Diba Par Honey Stores, said. “We use the property for many purposes. We wanted to see if there was enough business for a convenience store and a gas station.

Dunkin thought that bringing in a donut would create a new business and a better place for the company’s headquarters. The restaurant is expected to bring business to the west, as people can travel to downtown Marita for lunch.

He said the restaurant he was talking about was his sister, who already owns Redfin Blues in Pittsburgh.

“There are many positive aspects to the property” “Wow,” he said. There are no gas stations in the city and there is a steady flow of traffic not only during the day but also at night.

Landlords have been bought and land developers are due to appear before the Maritata City Council on Monday to discuss the final purchase of the puzzle – the public bank parking lot.


Landowner and property developer Milo Riton grew up in Parkerburg and is happy with the project.

He said an agreement has been reached with the public bank with the approval of the city council.

The People’s Bank must comply with the city parking ordinance, which requires limited parking for employees. Public Bank must provide 119 parking spaces for employees to sell the property.

There are plans to sell a property on Butler and Second Avenue, which has 66 parking lots. The idea is to sell the property to a southeastern Ohio port authority and then to a public bank.

A distinction of 53 parking spaces is required from the city.


“There are still some pieces that need to be dropped” Ritton said.

If the scale is exceeded, construction will begin in the spring and it will take about a year before the project is completed, he said. The project will be carried out in stages.

Wow, he said, if the city does not pass, the company should look for other options to build its corporate offices.

Par Mar said it has tripled in size over the past five years and has expanded its existing facilities.

Moving to the west side allows us to keep the corporate headquarters in Maritha with a tax. Wow you explained. Par Mar is now the 37th largest department store chain in the United States, employing about 2,000 people.

The Par Honey Oil Company was founded in Maritata in 1967 and was acquired in April 2016 by Reton. It has grown to 165 convenience stores in four states.

Over the past five years, the Washington County Men’s and Women’s Club has donated $ 350,000 in property repairs, $ 250,000 to Marita College, $ 50,000 to the Public Bank Theater, and $ 25,000 to the Martita Memorial. Hospital for Covide Response Measures.

And gave many scholarships to local students, he said. Since there is no place for us to choose, building this project will strengthen our roots locally.

Riton’s growth is not owned by Par Mar, but they become tenants.

Projects in Wood County are also underway, Riton said.

The former Freedom Park and the property on the 710 Rayon Drive near Bossa will also be built.

Wow, the former truck was auctioned off last September and packages near the Rayon Drive property were also purchased.

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