Alberta natural gas supply delayed due to low prices |

Editor’s Note: This article is updated based on any Alberta natural gas rebate rate based on usage. Albertans looking to get some help with their natural gas bills will have to wait until at least November. According to a Monday news release, the province said the rate cuts are ready to take effect on Oct. … Read more

Oil price course is about to reverse

Oil tanks

“This is the road to hell for America,” said JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon last week, referring to a proposal to get all the big banks out of the oil and gas industry. In the same week, Aramco’s CEO warned that years of underinvestment in new oil production is beginning to bear fruit, an underserved … Read more

Newsom signs bill allowing state to contribute more to Long Beach Oil Abandonment Fund • Long Beach Post News

On Sunday, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed 31 bills, including Assembly Bill 353, to continue paying into the Oil Trust Fund, the main source to cover costs associated with cleaning up oil wells in the Long Beach tidelands. Long Beach officials are pleased Newsom signed the bill. “The city has been very supportive of this legislation, … Read more

Tankers to unload Iranian crude, condensate at Venezuela’s main port

Sign up now for unlimited access to Register HOUSTON, Sept 26 (Reuters) – Tankers carrying 1.22 million barrels of Iranian crude and 2 million barrels of condensate are expected to leave Venezuela’s Jose terminal in the coming days, state oil company PDVSA said in a document. Venezuela’s PDVSA relies on Iran for many of … Read more

Rose Energy shuts down, WBTV answers what customers should do next

MOORESVILLE, NC (WBTV) – A nationally known solar energy company announced to its employees last week that it will be closing its doors. Now, hundreds of customers have questions about what to do with damaged and underperforming solar panels. WBTV first reported on Rose Energy, formerly Power Home Solar, earlier this month, when the investigative … Read more

The magnetic field helps the thick battery electrodes to withstand the challenges of an electric vehicle

Credit: University of Texas at Austin As electric vehicles grow in popularity, the spotlight shines more brightly on some of their remaining major issues. Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin are tackling two of the biggest challenges facing electric vehicles: limited and slow charging. The researchers have developed a new type of electrode … Read more

City Council meetings consider airport parking issues and funding for local artists

The San Antonio City Council this week will discuss parking issues at the international airport and federal Covid relief dollars for struggling artists. The council will begin its first meeting of the week on Wednesday on airport parking. They are expected to bring in outside contractors to take over parking management in an effort to … Read more

Evaluation of noble-gas spin amplification through spin-exchange collisions

Frequency response of an 87Rb magnetometer to oscillating fields in y, aided by a 129Xe spin-based amplifier. The experimental data (red circles) are obtained by scanning the auxiliary field frequencies. The solid line is the theoretical fit of the data and agrees well with the experiment. (b) Measured amplification factor at different resonance frequencies. The … Read more