Ali Ewing received ‘positive energy’ to make a big move on Saturday under the auspices of ANA

Ranco Mirage, California – Golf Round can mean different things to different people. Relax with friends, get some fresh air and exercise, and sometimes golf can be a safe haven from negative emotions in our daily lives. This was Saturday for Ali Ewing. “It’s a strange morning, I’ll just leave it,” Eung told the Golf … Read more

Nerve Knee, Jordan Spit is in his happy place – leading in Texas

SAN ANTONIO – Most Piga tourists walk the golf course with carelessness and confidence when they feel comfortable. When Jordan Spit is in his happy place, there is constant conversation, nervous fan interaction, eye rolling and trembling. The former Texas University star has been spotted at his favorite venue – all of which is enough … Read more

Draft work and energy concepts

By Robert Hazen, PhD, George Mason University Power is a subtle concept, its characteristics are not easily understood or obvious. What are the different types of energy we encounter in our daily lives and what are its subtle forms? The obvious types of energy include kinetic energy and potential energy. (Image: udaix / Shutterstock) Theory … Read more

American Intelligence Society – Overview

By Paul Rosenzweig, George Washington University School of Law In fact, we have all heard about the big spies – the CIA and the NSS. But, did you know that there are only 2 out of at least 17 independent intelligence community offices in the United States? Let’s take a look at the scope and … Read more

Public Policy and Social Problem Solving | Stanford Law School

Public policy and social problem solving introduces policy analysis methods, evidence-based learning methods, theories and social perspectives on injustice and how to think deeply about political institutions. As you can see from Guide to SLS Courses in Policy and Social Problem Solving, Courses teach such as microeconomics, policy writing, law analysis and development, and how … Read more

Penn State Dickinson’s law introduces anti-racism courses

Penn State Dixon Law, one of the oldest schools of American law, and other campuses are improving their curriculum with the aim of learning how to combat racism. Inspired by events, including the assassination of George Floyd, Carlisle, a parochial school, created a one-year course called “Equal Protection of Race and Law.” It teaches students … Read more

A new power line program and training space has now opened at St. Petersburg College Florida

St. Petersburg, Florida – St. Petersburg College (SCC) has opened a new Florida Training Center at the College’s Allstate Center. In partnership with Duke Energy and Power Town Line Construction, the center will be home to SPC’s new power line program. SPC President Dr. Tonjuwa Williams said: Thank you for your generosity and support for … Read more

The Golden Age of Electric Vehicles Key to Transportation Power

By Johnny Lupsha, current events writer Automotive companies such as GM and Volvo plan to simplify gas-powered vehicles by 2036. Meanwhile, Tesla cars have always been electric and startups like Rivian are supplying power to Amazon. Electric vehicles are more energy efficient. More recently, a 30-megabyte, 300-mile minivan has been replaced by a 10-gallon gas … Read more