Bryson DeChambeau felt a severe lack of energy on the first day of the island of Kiwa. He said: “What I played on the tour was a very difficult golf course, and it was a straightforward fact for me. That takes a lot of energy ”

Last updated – 20/05/21 8:41 pm

Bryce Dechaembe started well before making four straight bouts

Bryce Dechaembeu relied on his “mental strength” to fight the low-energy stockpile on the first day of the PGA Championship.

Dechaambo quickly narrowed to two after three holes on the island of Bright Kiawa, but four consecutive bogs rejected the start of the flight and needed two birds in the last three holes to save a reliable level -77 – only three shots from the previous leader.

The Dachhambo 72 dug deep to grind

The Dachhambo 72 dug deep to grind

The great United States Open champion admitted his championship and his strengths “took a lot from me”, but he was pleased with the solid finish he described as the toughest course he played after becoming a professional.

“It wasn’t easy there, and I didn’t swing at all,” he said. I was doing well, and I had already made a couple birds. He misunderstood the speed at 13, it was a three-step, then there were four fast bouts and they were running after a good start.

But most of the time, I was able to hold my head up and end up with nine faces strong. He played really well. Mentally, you have to make a lot of decisions there.

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The mental strength to push only when things are not going well. Luck does not go your way, and you do not get good rest. Hitting a lot of big bullets and things just don’t go your way.

Raising it up and saying, ‘You know what, it doesn’t matter. I will do my best here. ‘ That’s what I was able to do in the last nine. I’ve had two bad breaks – couples who shouldn’t have entered – I’ve reached four and I’m under four today.

“The wind just hit my hips. It’s hot and I was grinding there, so it takes a lot from you. I’m really working, it’s very hard to hit every beat the way I want to, and it doesn’t happen anymore, and you need to know how to feel comfortable with it and how to get up and down.

The island of Kiyau has damaged Dammambo's energy reserves

The island of Kiyau has damaged Dammambo’s energy reserves

DeChambeau did not intend to spend much time in the region after the second round, when he wanted to regroup and replenish his energy reserves before Friday’s second round, but he was far from “the end of his wisdom” in terms of exercise.

He added: “It’s a lot of work. But I am not the end of wisdom or anything, these are the things I do every week. I have worked hard on various points during my career, but this golf course will take you away.

“This is the hardest golf course I have ever played on a tour, and it is a fact for me. That takes a lot of energy.

And I think by working hard on my golf swing, doing the right thing, trying to figure out how the wind affects the ice, and then trying to work out and sometimes not getting more than eight hours of sleep. , Everyone will listen, for sure. ”


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