Outside Grid Homes Island, just 50 miles from Times Square

There is a common hatred for appearance and imitation.

“It’s ridiculous to try to imitate Oak Island,” said Allen and Hayes. She and her husband, Fred Manman, argued for several years before finding their vineyard. “You can only socialize with friends,” she added.

The island’s informal social director, Ms. Liddle, plans to have covered dishes where you can bring enough food to feed your family and four other people. Games include potato spoon contests. There is a boat race and a book club.

“If you don’t grow up here, you will always be a foreigner,” she said. Here, as children, they do not begin to summarize. When they are on the island, they float and walk on the nearby beach of Gilgo, but they put on solar panels and load the deck. Their 17-year-old son, Philip, returns with his father to hunt for ducks. And when their city friends visit?

“They are a little surprised, but that sounds good,” says Philip Crigos.

Lisbet English, a real estate agent in West Islep, says “these people usually keep them in the family.” She is a representative of the listing 24 Oak Street, a two-bedroom apartment built in 1914 for $ 249,880.

According to reporter Matthew Arnold, the red-painted house is worth more than $ 399,000. And Details Pro has a four-bedroom, two-bathroom bathroom listed on the island for $ 485,999.

After 16 summers, Mr. Sherman and Mrs. Hayes are ready to sell their home. They paid $ 220,000 for it, and the couple spent $ 100,000 on renovations, including the addition of a sealed porch to enjoy watching birds.

He and his wife wisely talk about Oak Island. Looking at the necklaces of houses from Ocean Parkway is a hint of “Brigigon”. “Everyone can see it, but they can’t get there.

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