Our Rich Story – The Legend of TMU, St. Mary Lawrence Bude, Helped to Leave Biology. A shining star

By Raymond Hebert
Thomas More University

Our Series 17, “Looking Back and Vista II” – Thomas Mo College / University, 1971-2021

Senior Mary Lawrence Bude, SDN, was one of the “legends” of Villa Madonna / Thomas Extra College. She has spent most of her career (over 30 years) as a faculty member in the Department of Biology. Together with Dr. Fred Humphrey, William Volker, and Dr. William Bryant, she helped make Biology one of TMU’s shining stars.

Mary Lawrence Bude, Professor of Biology and Academic Dean. (Thomas additional university archives.)

As a faculty member, she said, “She has been instrumental in setting up a freshwater biology laboratory on the Ohio River for the Bekdor and Zimmer plants. The number of fish comparisons is a major (and still is) non-partisan study ”(Academic Dean wins Albright Award) The messenger, May 26, 1985, p. 16). In the Department of Biology, she was a microbiologist responsible for initiating transfer programs for medical technology students, from two-year community college programs to a four-year TMC program. She has also served on fourteen tour groups for regional recognition for the Southern Colleges and Universities Association.

After graduating from Viv Madonna College, Sr. Mary Lawrence was a sister of Covington Not Dem, a bachelor’s degree in biology. She later became a professor of microbiology, genetics, radiology and biology literature (TMU archives) and joined the faculty of Thomas Mo College. She also served as an interim and then permanent academic dean (TM2) at TMC. Finally, she returned to her original love of teaching biology, saying, “As soon as Dean replaced myself in microbiology, I will spend the next semester reading and studying to develop a program in genetics.”Messenger, May 1985).

Dr. Fred Humphrey, Professor of Biology. (Thomas additional university archives.)

The University of Michigan (1961) is known for its active involvement in radiobiology at the National Science Foundation and the Institute of Atomic Energy Commission (1961), the National Science Foundation’s Research Participation Program at the University of Illinois Teachers’ College (1964), and the College of Physical Biology at Cornell University (NY). Science Foundation Atomic Energy Commission Program. The latter led Cornell in other projects through the National Science Foundation’s Academic Year Expansion Research Program (1968-1970). Her work focused on “Calcium and Phosphorus Metabolism in Fish,” a study of radioactive tracking techniques.

In 1969 and 1970, Sister Mary Lawrence attended several training courses at the Robert A. Taft Engineering Center in Cincinnati. A.D. In 1981, the only Northern Kentucky (TCC Teacher Award) March 24, 1981; Kentucky Post). Sister Lawrence published several articles in those biological journals. She also presented papers at school meetings.

Among other awards, Sister Bude received the National Award for Excellence, the Ecology Award for Excellence, and the Alumni Award for Thomas Mo College. She was the Senior Administrator of Northern Kentucky (1985), and the Senior Lecturer of Thomas Extra College and the Senior College of Cincinnati Colleges and Universities (GCCCU). Year (1989). And In 1989, the Seers-Robuk Foundation won the “Teaching Excellence and Campus Leadership Award” for women (1989).

William Volker, Professor of Biology. (Thomas additional university archives.)

For the latter, Senior Lawrence was one of the 700 female teachers recognized nationally. At the end of that year, as in the December 1989 issue, Living in Fort Mitchell“Sister Lawrence was going to get $ 1,000 in support. Thomas More College also received $ 10,000 for the Teacher Development Project ”(p. 22). Appropriately, after serving as an academic dean in the mid-1980s, everyone was part of the right path to return to teaching.

In short, as a member and chair of the faculty of Senior Lawrence, I have always been impressed by her fairness, consistency, and hard work ethic. At the same time, she did not tolerate laziness. An example can be found in one of the documents in her archive file during her year as a temporary academic dean of the facility.

She wrote to the faculty in a note entitled “Time of Class Expulsion”:

Dr. William Bryant, Professor of Biology. (Thomas additional university archives.)

The college has a contract with the students to enroll in the course so that the teacher in those courses can fulfill the time requirement. Recent phone complaints indicate that some night classes are not giving the student the full amount of instruction he or she deserves. Please check the time to start and finish the parts you have contracted. Failure to meet these deadlines is a serious offense for your students in classrooms where teachers do not arrive late or never arrive, or early dismissal. The cooperation of these teachers was very good. Continued non-compliance by some faculty will lead to a reduction in tuition (to non-tuition?) Tuition.

The senior team had a lot of research, awards and administrative services. He was a kind and caring counselor to the young professors, who kept their professional background and did not want to put them down in a cruel way. For example, Dr. Paul Tencotete, a historian, took part in the new program – International Studies – as a faculty member when she was on fire. As one of his faculty members narrowed down his schedule and plans, Paul slapped Paul in the shoulder and kindly said: “Don’t worry. Do not respond. I can handle this. ”And she did it diplomatically and competently. The program has passed significantly.

Thomas Mori College Working in the Green House Senior Mary Lawrence Team. (Adapted from Kenton County Public Library)

He was a friend of the senior team in the Department of Biology and for the staff at the college. She enjoys playing cards with Budder, who is called “Senior” by the TMC Library of Jean-Pike. Larry. “When a sister retired and needed a wheelchair, Jean had a wooden ladder installed in her home. Larry ”can continue to visit, play cards and watch red and Bengal games on television.

For your student, Sister Bude was a “senior.” Larry ”or“ Big Larry ”is a symbol of love not only for her height but also for her great spirit and compassionate heart. She loves teaching and expects the best from your student. She has been showing them many summers at the College Biology Field.

Students who have served there remember how much she loved the Cincinnati Reds baseball, never missing the opportunity to watch on the radio. Suffering from hearing loss, she turned up the volume on her radio. At times, her mother, as well as Red supporters, visited her in the field, allowing them to share their rejuvenation enthusiasm. During the school year, Thomas Moore’s senior team will always enjoy Thomas’ extra basketball and soccer games. She had a smile on her face, greeted them by name, and stopped talking to them.

Senior Mary Lawrence has always had a group, SDN, students, teachers, staff, or completely strangers. We remember her as one of the “legends” of Villa Madonna / Thomas Mo College.

Dr. Raymond G. Hebert is Professor and Director of the William T. Robinson 3 Institute for Religious Freedom at Thomas Mon University. He completed his 46th birthday with Thomas Moore, and with that background, he now serves as the Editor-in-Chief of Thomas Mo College / University from 1971-2021. Under the title RETROSPECT and VISTA II, the first 50 years of Thomas Extra College (formerly the Villa Madonna College) will serve as a sequel to Sir Irmina Saliner Retropopt and Vista. It can be reached at hebertr@thomasmore.edu.

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Senior Mary Lawrence Bude, Picture Center, with a group of students. (Thomas Extra University Records)

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