Onor’s training program has reached the level of 2,000 certificates


The UPONOR training program hits 2,000 certificates

Since the inception of the on-site installation training program, more than 2,000 certificates have been issued and Overser is complying with the training standards.

Launched in late 2017, the toner, which provides transparent training in the company’s product area, has installed 2,000 on-site certificates, trained staff from about 300 companies and trained more than 200 on-site projects.

Free, certified training for subcontractors, mechanical contractors, contractors and consulting engineers provides in-depth insights on how ONC components work, how to properly and professionally install each communication technology, and how to integrate materials. Complete, secure system and advice on device usage. The courses cover important health and safety aspects of proper installation, including proper handling of hydraulic press equipment.

“Our training is seen as an important part of our skills development and continued support for our customers,” said Ontoor Marketing Manager. The success of this training program is reflected in the number of certifications we have been given in a short period of time and the popularity of our major products, including MCC, Q&A, Ecoflex and floor heating systems.

Onor training courses are free depending on the product category and last from one to two hours. The course takes place on site, saving time and money and allowing the content to meet specific requirements. Upon completion of the course, the delegates will be given a two-year certificate.

In addition, Ontor offers a one-day classroom-based floor heating training for domestic plumbers who want more energy-efficient and cost-effective heating systems at the company’s headquarters in Watford. The course focuses on the theoretical elements of floor heating, including floor construction, controls, performance values, and the unique characteristics of PEX and MLC pipes, to make the best use of this growing market for indoor plumbing workers.

In addition to the training program, Oncor also provides CIBSE-approved CPDs to consult consulting engineers to help CIBSE members meet training requirements. CPD sessions focus on how to reduce heat and energy losses for local and district heating networks and CIBSE-approved Water Sanitation CPD focuses on standing water hazards and the Ligenella threat to the network.

“We have more than 100 years of experience in providing clean drinking water and energy-efficient heating and cooling systems and understand the challenges faced by reviewers and installers. Through our training program and CPD seminars, we help support our network and apply best practices and help our clients become more competitive by providing professional and exemplary services, ”said Cola.

Key numbers:

  • 172 companies and 1,359 certificates have been awarded in 126 different MLC project sites
  • 70 companies have been awarded 297 certificates at 79 different Q&A sites
  • Ten certificates have been awarded to 10 companies that have been trained in 8 different Ecoflex project sites
  • Forty-five companies have been awarded training by UF at Onton Headquarters, 68 certificates
  • 33 CIBSE approved CPD seminars, 237 certificates awarded.

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