On Tuesday afternoon, hurricanes uprooted dozens of trees throughout Muskegon

More than 25 trees were uprooted at the University Park Golf Course, and another knocked on Orchard View Elementary School.

Thousands of consumer consumers were still powerless after the hurricanes on Tuesday afternoon uprooted trees in the mountainous area from golf courses to elementary schools.

The consequences of severe weather are 30 to 40 miles per hour in Muskegon at the University Park Golf Course. A groundbreaker, William McKinley, was playing golf.

“We played 5 holes, and we went to the store for the storm to pass,” he says.

The hurricane devastated the area for about half an hour, and McKinley says it was difficult to see the damage after that. 28 Trees were uprooted and legs and branches were broken after the storm.

“It was raining hard, and we had to close our doors. The roof seemed to come off. It was very powerful for a while. ” It hurts because we worked so hard to get the lesson back and we finally got back in good shape.

His coworker, Brian Bunel, says that he was disappointed to see the end of the golf course.

“I have never seen such an injury in school, and I have lived in this area for 70 years,” he says.

On Market Street alone, winds blew up trees outside Cardinal Elementary School and canceled classes on Wednesday. Damaged trees and power lines are piled up across the park.

“I didn’t expect it, I was shocked,” says Bunel. “It hit Muskegon so badly.”

He said he hoped everyone in the city would be safe in the storm.

“I hope no one is killed or injured anywhere,” Bunel said.

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