Oman will launch an updated version of Intilaq with a focus on sustainability and renewable energy

Muscat – Oman LL The launch is in collaboration with the SME Development Authority (Riyadh).

Oman ll l developed the program to ensure that it complies with the designed Social Investment Strategy and Oman Vision 2040. .

It includes a new one-month certification training program in which new participants will be able to engage in in-depth, solar panel installation, health, safety and environment as well as business, marketing, and quality courses. Management, work ethic, compliance and other related topics.

The program also hosts local and regional experts to enrich the program with their practical experience. The program includes a module that is considered a requirement for registration and accreditation in the installation of solar panels by the Public Services Regulatory Authority.

In partnership with Shell, we look to support small and micro development and expand the scope of the necessary knowledge and skills. This program will contribute to better results by connecting professionals in Oman and beyond with solar energy and sustainability, ”said Halima Bint Rashid Alzari, President of the Riyadh Small and Medium Enterprises Development Authority.

“Since the election of ShellIntilaaqah 25 years ago in the Sultanate, he has provided entrepreneurs and small businesses with the right skills and tools,” said Malabint Ahmed al-Shaybani, GM Corporate Relations and Internal Values. They develop their businesses and contribute to the national economy. ”


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