Olympic focus in Alberta gymnasium – half-hour report

Calgary – BC Lions and Calgary Stampeders will face each other in the same venue on Thursday night between the two unbeaten CFL teams at the McMahon Stadium.

The Lions lost their opening game 33-29 to Resina on August 6 on the road to Saskatchewan Rovers.

“They don’t want to get into a hole early in the season, so it’s a big game for both teams,” said BC coach Rick Campbell. We are literally trying to work on ourselves, become a better football team and then climb to the right side of the scoreboard. I think this short season will make more impact games, because there is no room for compensation as the weeks go by. ”

Campbell is expected to use newcomer Nathan Rurken of Canada on Thursday, while veteran Kibby Michael Riley is still battling an elbow injury.

“Nathan will definitely take over most of the delegates and we plan to start it,” Campbell said. He is getting better, but he and our football team have to get to a place where he can work very fast.

Although Rusk started the game with the Drivers, he ended the season with a 203-yard touchdown run and a 17-to-23 touchdown run.

After completing 10-of-18 passes for 194 yards to go with two TDs and two interceptions in Week 1, Rusk hopes to try to rebuild on the Stamps.

In the second round of the 2020 CFL Draft, the Lions’ 15th overall pick said, “I say I’m very motivated.” I think we were motivated last week to get into a difficult situation and we fought as hard as we could in the second half to make sure we did, and we only got a little bit. So the attitude has not changed.

“The great thing about this team is that it didn’t work out the way we wanted it to, so we’re back to work this week and looking forward to the next challenge.

Like Riley, Calgary Kibi Bo Levi Mitchell is facing a serious illness that could limit his playing time on Thursday. Although he was suffering from a calf injury, Michel was first listed on the Calgary deep chart on Wednesday, along with Canadian quarterback Michael O’Connor and American pillar Jack Mayyer.

Calgary coach Dave Dixon Mitchell said: “It’s a little limited this week and he wants to make sure the team is healthy, which is why they have three rubles on the list.

“We have nothing to look forward to, but we are just covering our foundations,” says Dixon.

While the Stamps failed to defend a 20-12 lead over the Argo in the fourth quarter, Dixon said he saw a lot of positive things to build for the team.

“I thought our offensive line played well last week,” Dixon said. “We managed to pass some good passes, a lot of twists and turns. If we do that, we hope to have more success this week to the point on the board.

Despite the setbacks, linebacker Jammer Turman thinks the CFLs have played well, especially since the CV-19 epidemic in 2020.

“It was a good first game, especially after a long absence. We wish we could add a little more to the game. That is not the case, but we want to go back this week. ”

As Turman catches the lions as he looks forward to playing with Riley from time to time, Stamps says he must still be prepared to face the motivated Rusk.

“We still have to take it seriously,” he said. No matter who we are in the quarter, we still have to run our game plan, run our plans and just fly and run to the ball.

BC (0-1) in Calgary (0-1)

Thursday, McMahon Stadium

Field advantage: Stamps have won 12 of their last 14 battles against the Lions. Calgary boasts an 8-2 record in 10 recent meetings at McMahon Stadium, winning at least one home game per season since 2012.

Homoming, Order-Lemmar Durant Calgary will help them win all in 2018 and will sign a four-year deal with Stamps in 2018. Although 2018, Durant will always be happy to play against Macmahan. “I enjoy playing there and I enjoy playing there,” said Ottawa Redballaks, the most valuable Canadian in the 106th Gray Cup. Once I went out there, I felt like home. I feel really comfortable there. ”

Moving Up: Dave Dixon has led the Stars to an impressive 53-18-2 record since taking over as Calgary head coach in 2016. Although Calgary won just one of their opening five games during that period, Stamps set a perfect 4-0 record under Dixon in the second round. Calgary has not lost two consecutive games to start the season since 2009.

Looking ahead – After their season in two road games, the Lions return to BSC for the opening game of their season at Edmonton Elks on August 19. Alouettes visit McMahon.

This Canadian Press report was first published on August 11, 2021.

Lauren Hein, Canadian Press

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