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With a rich edible oil family business and a recent ceramic crockery factory in Jaipur, Ajay Data had all the reasons for not going abroad for a business trip. Although he did a two-year MBA course in Computer Application, System Analysis and Design, PhD in Electronic Data Processing, those were a bit of a hobby for him and he was sure he would return to the family business.
After graduating, he joined his uncle in facilitating the operation of a ceramic factory, but he did not lose sight of what was happening in the technology world in the late 1990s. A.D. One day in 1999, I was intrigued by the announcement of the appointment of an ISP.
“I applied for a permit and then was elected. I took it literally because the private company said it needed a partner in Jaipur. They were looking for a distributor. I was behind them to do so. ISP was something new and I wanted to hold hands. Ajay recalls being a little annoyed and saying, ‘Tellio ka dahanda nahin hai.’
But he was moved by that disgraceful speech. He was able to set up the business. “On the first day, I got back Rs 80 million I had invested in business. When I announced the launch date, people immediately bought contacts,” Ajay said.
Data soon learned that ISP communications prices were falling faster than lease lines. He wanted more products to support the IT business.
“I understand that enterprise email services will be a big part of it. I started Xgen with a group of three people. The product has gained good strength. To this day, it has become an integral part of our product portfolio, along with our software services for enterprises and electronics management, ”said Ajay.
The family In 2008, they parted ways with his uncle. Since its inception, the edible oil trade and IT has grown to 1,900 rubles in 2020-21 from Rs 170 million in 2008.
“Of course, IT business is small. But for us it is strategic. It has a more profitable, future and long-term vision.
A.D. In 2016, Ajay brought the most innovative products in the world. Creates emails in local language domain names. For example, it provides emails in Chinese, Russian, Korean, and Sri Lankan languages. “The world has noticed the innovations coming from Jaipur,” Ajay said. In fact, Ajay, co-founder of TE Rajasthan and Entrepreneurship, became the first person to represent ICANN in 2016 in CCNSO (part of 170 countries) in India. He even led the ICANN Global Accreditation Leadership Team.
Although IT takes a lot of time, it plays a key role in strategic decision making for the oil business. Ajay’s brother Deepak, who runs the food business, actively supports IT when his father Babulal Data shows the team’s vision.


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