Oil prices fall as oil prices plummet, crude oil prices plummet

According to AAA Texas Weekend Gas Watch, the average state gas price in Texas is $ 2.97 per gallon. This price is less than two cents on this day last week and is $ 1.13 more than last year.

Of the major metropolitan areas in Texas, drivers in El Paso pay an average of $ 3.18 per gallon, while drivers in Amarillo pay at least $ 2.81 per gallon. Drivers in Walker County are paying an average of $ 3.01 per gallon.

The national average price for a gallon of non-standard pencil is $ 3.38, which is two cents less than last week and today, up from $ 1.22 per gallon last year.

According to the Energy Information Administration, gasoline demand has dropped by 6% week by week throughout the US. However, demand for gasoline has risen sharply since last year. Weekly regional oil supply numbers have increased slightly, and the use of Gulf Coast refineries has remained flat over the past week. Crude oil prices have plummeted after reports that Omicron COVID-19 variants were spreading around the world. West Texas Intermediate crude oil for less than $ 70 a barrel for the first time since early September.

AAA Texas spokesman Daniel Armstrong said: “Most of the state gasoline prices are changing due to declining demand and falling crude oil prices. You can save fuel by avoiding it, driving on a healthy tire and keeping your car in accordance with the owner’s instructions. “

gasprices.aaa.com reports that drivers in Texas are paying the second-lowest gas price in the country on average. Oklahoma has the lowest average at $ 2.96, while California has the lowest at $ 4.70.


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