Oil prices fall as AAA Texas falls demand, crude oil prices fall.

In this file photo you can see the fuel pump nozzle in the gas station. (Photo by Joe Radl / Getty Images)

LUBOK, Texas – State gas prices have fallen slightly this week, according to AA Texas.

State average price per gallon of non-standard fuel reported $ 2,960 on Saturday and is trending.

According to the Motor Club, Texas drivers are paying the second-lowest gas price nationwide this week.

AAA Texas spokesman Daniel Armstrong said: “Most of the state gasoline prices are changing due to declining demand and falling crude oil prices. You can save fuel by avoiding it, driving on a healthy tire and keeping your car in accordance with the owner’s instructions. “

El Paso drivers were paying the highest gas price this week. The cheapest gas price is reported by Amarillo, according to AAA Texas.

The national average price of non-standard fuel per gallon was reported at $ 3,363 on Saturday and was a trending X.

According to the IAA, data on US gasoline decreased by 6%, but is higher than last year.

Regional oil supply numbers have increased slightly, and the use of the Gulf Coast refinery has been flat since last week.

In Lubbock, AAA Texas reported an average retail price of $ 2,864 on Saturday.

GasBudddy.com reports that the average retail price in Hub here is $ 2.84. However, in some places non-standard prices were as low as $ 2.59.

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