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In the late 1950s, the late Kamis Najm was one of the most unpopular English language teachers in Al-Sidik Middle School because of his toughness and harsh criticism of his students, but he was honest in his work, inconsistent with any lazy student, with little to hide in our hearts. Evil is the constant loss of oil to see what happens to us.

Mr. Camis died a few decades ago in spite of the recent developments in the region that led to a decline in the income of his countrymen, at least for the sake of religion. View others by observing strict and strict traditions or applying exaggerated restrictions.

With a high percentage of oil revenues in Kuwait, perhaps in other countries as our only source of income, we have to think seriously about reducing our income and multiplying our income by encouraging tourism and other things, and this has not been possible due to religious extremism and strict restrictions. It requires changing, modifying and updating ideas and concepts and being the opposite of what was in the financial days. Quantity.

I mentioned in a recent article that local authorities had banned music in hotel rooms at certain times of the year. It also prohibits the holding of concerts, even family concerts, in public places, and this allows us to gain first place in the international arena or, in the belief of some, the moral standard.

Unwritten directives prohibit hotels from booking a hotel room on the pretext of upholding the country’s ethics, and the result is obvious to us.

However, the same authorities allowed the visitor to stay only in hotels or with his partner without verifying the connection. In the case of citizens, even a returning ambassador is not allowed to stay in a hotel room with his wife, regardless of age or beauty, without a marriage contract. There were other very similar guidelines, and they still exist, but they have no place to be mentioned here.

Suddenly, as the state’s finances deteriorated, we discovered that the same customs, traditions, and ethics that prevented a citizen from booking a hotel room were ignored by the authorities.

While the price of a barrel of oil is a hundred dollars, did our morals, traditions and customs force the citizen not to serve in the room, for him or his family, without presenting the marriage contract?

Why is it that the same morals, customs and traditions are now turning a blind eye to a citizen staying in a hotel room without the need for marriage contracts?

For example, if the price of a barrel of oil returns to a hundred dollars, will the same traditions, ethics and customs return to their former glory and prevent a citizen from occupying a hotel room?

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By Ahmed Alsaraf

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