Oil company KP Kaufman will be prosecuted for the spill

DENVER (KDVR) – A Colorado power regulator is testifying this week against KP Kaufman, an oil and gas company accused of a series of unsanitary leaks in North Colorado.

The state’s top energy regulator, the Colorado Oil and Gas Protection Commission, is conducting a three-day investigation into five serious allegations against the company, including leaks and leaks on Weld County farms. The company, known as CCCKKK, “thinks it is intentionally and intentionally infringing.

KPK, headquartered in Denver, could face millions of dollars in fines or lose its license to operate in Colorado.

Kaufman: “Can’t Work Safe in Colorado”

Details of suspected violations include neglected flow lines, oil spills, and lax cleaning efforts.

“Kaufman cannot work safely in Colorado,” COGCC attorney Kathleen Staford told commissioners during the opening debate on Tuesday.

Starford called the company unreliable, incompetent and influential. Storford cited images of alleged COGCC violations and leaks or leaks showing the company not taking action. They also failed to properly disperse contaminated soil during sanitation efforts.

KPK’s attorney, John Jacques, told the court that KP Kaufman is a family-owned business with 150 employees who have served in Colorado for 37 years. In opening the debate, Jacques questioned the performance of the COGCC case.

“The workers need special relief from this operator,” Jackus argued, arguing that the company was not just out of business.

The commissioners heard evidence and testimony from a state inspector that the company endangered employees, supervisors, residents and passers-by.

Kaufman, a 16-year-old employee, also testified to the company’s response to the emergency.

Commissioners determine enforcement actions

Commissioners decide what action to take against the company.

Last year, Governor Jared Police appointed five full-time members of the commission as part of Senate Bill 181, an industry safety law. In 2019, he passed away.

According to the COGCC website, “SB 19-181 ensures that oil and gas development and operations in Colorado are conducted in a manner that protects public health, safety, security, the environment and wildlife resources. “


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