Oil company Duo joins Admas Energi Blue Ammonia Project

Horizon Energi has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with two oil companies, Ekinor and Var Energi, for Europe’s first large-scale production of blue ammonia.

The two largest offshore oil and gas producers in the Barentes Sea region, Iconor and Var Energi, are considered suppliers of natural gas to the Barentes blue ammonia plant.

“This agreement means we are moving forward with two strong local partners in the Barentes Blue Project. They have a long-term vision and provide extensive experience in large and complex technical projects. This is a big step for the Barentes Blue, ”said Birsgill Howellidster Edison, general manager of Horses Energi.

The Barentes Blue project is based on the use of natural gas to produce ammonia, a key industrial gas and the most efficient hydrogen carrier used in the fertilizer and chemical industry. Navy.

In the Barentes blue ammonia plant, more than 99% of the process gas is captured and stored permanently in the polaris reservoir below the coast of Finmark.

Polaris reservoirs have a storage capacity of more than 100 million tons, which is twice as much as Norway’s annual greenhouse gas emissions.

“The Barentes Blue Ammonia Plant is designed to include three process trains that can grow all the necessary resources at once or in order to produce blue ammonia. Each train requires an facility to produce approximately 1 million tons of pure ammonia a year, which saves 2 million tons of CO2 per year, making Barentes Blue one of Norway’s largest environmental projects.

In the case of Barents Blue, it will be the first large-scale pure ammonia product in Europe. Based on natural gas from the Barentes Sea, it includes an international pure ammonia plant in northern Norway.

Barentes will be able to produce 3,000 tons of ammonia a day after the blue operation. During the production process, carbon is stored and permanently stored in polaris.

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