Oil companies owe $ 4 billion to the Nigerian State Agency, the minister said

Abuja (Reuters) – International oil companies operating in Nigeria owe $ 4 billion to an agency responsible for developing poverty-stricken Niger Delta, an industry ministry said on Thursday.

Niger Delta State Minister of State Tayo Alasuradura has long been indebted to the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDCC), but did not name a few companies.

“International oil companies are expected to pay 3% of their annual budget to NDDC as their main source of income,” Alassorada told reporters.

“Efforts are being made to raise up to $ 4 billion in unpaid bills. Everyone is in debt. ”

It is not clear what kind of enforcement mechanisms are available for the NDDC or the government.

Asked to comment on Alassora, a spokesman for the US-based Exxon Mobile said:

Chevron did not immediately respond to a request for comment, saying that Anglo-Dutch companies and Italian spokespersons would respond later.

Report by Felix Onuwa and Libby George Edited by Elaine Hardcassal

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