Officials – Those in Fort Rock Zone 2 can return home safely after a Ford factory gas leak

According to health officials, the Flat Rock displaced zone 2 is now clear of any impact of the Ford plant gas leak and residents who choose to leave may return home.

The announcement was made Monday night by the Wayne County Department of Health and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

Zone 2 includes a series of buildings and 635 houses on Gibraltar Road to the north, west of Shee Case, southeast of the Horon River Drive, and east of Tamarak Road, and east of the Horon River Drive and Kahil Road.

Initially, public health officials said Zone 2 needed further investigation into chemical exposure, but the disaster did not address evacuation recommendations.

Instead, the Wayne County Department of Health and MDHS advised Zone 2 residents to consider moving out of their homes if they are unwell.

“I know that displacement is a serious problem for many flat rock residents, but health professionals have taken the time to gather and analyze enough information to ensure that residents can return to their homes and have peace of mind,” said Wayne County. We have a general manager. To ensure the health and safety of residents, our team has worked closely with MDHHS, APA, Flat Rock City and other agencies.

MDHHS and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention used demand data from 12 homes that initially raised gasoline levels or fragrances in their homes to ensure that indoor air levels were below health standards.

MDHHS compared the results of indoor air quality data for the sewer lines in those 12 homes and confirmed that oil-related sewers were not allowed to enter the indoor air.

Based on extensive sewage gas testing around Zone 2 and verification data of 12 houses, MDHDS is no longer at risk of exposure to other household indoor 2 gasoline or other gasoline-related chemicals in Zone 2. It has been suspended, officials said in a statement.

“Zone 2 residents are now assured that gas leaks will not affect the air quality in their homes,” said Dr. Johnny Halldu, chief executive officer of Michigan and MDHHS health director. Our team will continue to work closely with our regional, local and federal agencies as we quickly and thoroughly review Zone 1 screening and monitoring data. They were displaced until we learned that they could return home.

Ford continues to provide accommodation for families in Zone 1 and 2 affected areas in local hotels. Zone 2 residents have been urged to return home, and Ford will continue to provide hotel accommodation to Zone 2 residents who have requested a home inspection and are still awaiting their written results. Residents can call extension 735-782-2455 if they need accommodation.

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