October 10 – Energy price coverage this summer; Skills camps for HVV drivers; They have two million thirds. Pigs die in farm fires – car dealership magazine

The business secretary pledged to keep energy value capital this summer

For millions of customers, the rapid increase in billing will backfire in anticipation of energy costs, and the business manager has promised to walk away to help companies.

According to Quasi Quarting, some companies have “increased the risk of bankruptcy” by putting the cover in place “non-negotiable”.

But he did not provide additional support to struggling businesses after his superiors and some members of the Tory Parliament sought help to prevent the wholesale price from falling.

‘Skills boot camps’ to alleviate supply chain crisis

To minimize the supply chain crisis, ministers will develop an emergency track plan to train up to 5,000 people as HVV drivers.

Education Secretary Nadim Zahawi said on Sunday that 2,000 more seats will be opened through the “Skill Boot Camps” to increase the number of truck drivers.

But free courses of up to 16 weeks will not start until next month, which means they will do nothing to alleviate these Christmas shortages.

There have been two million thirds of all CVD-19 outbreaks across the UK

So far, more than two million people in the UK are being encouraged to apply for antiretroviral treatment.


Incentives are being given for at least six months after the second dose.

A total of 2.08 million units have been set up three weeks after the start of the promotion program, NHS reported on Saturday.

The former chancellor issued an inflation warning and demanded an increase in interest rates

When a conservative former chancellor called for higher interest rates to address the problem, he raised his voice about warnings about inflation.

“If the increase is not accompanied by high productivity, the government’s call for wage increases could further inflate inflation,” said Lammont on Saturday.

In the midst of energy prices and a shortage of manpower and equipment, inflation is rising as the recovery rate from the Coronavirus epidemic slows.

Saturday’s car dealership headlines you may have missed

Rising energy costs must be fought by the government ‘now’ – an industry leader

An industry leader said the government should reduce energy costs ‘now’ due to fears of a harsh winter.

For his part, Dr. Richard Lycee, Chairman of the Energy Consumers Group, presented three ‘technical’ ideas to the government to ensure that supply chains are not disrupted.

Friday afternoon, he attended a meeting with business secretary Kwasi Quarting and representatives of other energy industries to discuss the mass gas crisis.

Scotland is seeking action from the UK government over concerns about carbon dioxide supply

Scottish Rural Affairs Secretary Mauri Guguyon has called for an emergency meeting with the British government in response to concerns about carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

According to Guguyon, there are no plans for a future with carbon dioxide producer CF fertilizers.

Angs North and Mernes MSP. He said the impact of CO2 shortages on the country’s food and beverage sector is worrying.

French PM calls on UK to fulfill refugee pledges

None of Britain’s ሚሊዮን 54 million pledge to cross the border has been paid, with a French minister urging the British government to keep its promise.

“One euro has not been paid,” Interior Minister Gerald Darmani said during a visit to Dunkirk on Saturday.

Earlier this year, the government promised to send millions of pounds to support France’s efforts to stop crossings.

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Pigs were killed when a fire broke out on the farm

Many pigs are thought to have died after a wildfire.

According to the Oxford Shield Fire and Rescue Service, four fire trucks and two water trucks were sent to quell the blaze near Portingway near Portingway at 4.23 p.m.

‘The fire was in a farm where several pigs were involved,’ the service said in a statement on Facebook.

They expect clouds and rain in the coming days

Today it is raining in the far north and west of Scotland. This morning, the chances of some flooding in the southeast are mostly cloudy. Elsewhere, it will be dry by sunny magicians, says the BBC.

Tonight, he sees rainfall in the northwest, but it rains in the morning. Clouds will increase for the rest of Scotland and Northern Ireland. England and Wales dry up with changing clouds.

Rainfall is expected in eastern Scotland tomorrow. Dry and cloudy for New Ireland and Northern England. Mix for the rest of England and Wales sunny witchcraft and sticky clouds.

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