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The club is located in the private sea, with three sides bounded by water and a fourth bound by federal and state land. It is necessary to install a roof-mounted system with a low profile of 180 miles per hour, category 5 hurricanes.

Ocean Reef Club by Key Largo – Case Study – RibBracket ™ III and S-5-PVKIT®2.0

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The project

Located at the North Key of Florida Large, Ocean Ocean Reef Club is one of the nation’s largest private club communities, offering 1,700 beach residences, private homes, condominiums and oceanfront resorts.

The club has a fully staffed medical center; Full service spa and salon; gourmet grocery; Cooking school; Natural center; Cultural center; Veterinary center; Dining and shopping options; Independent pre-K-8th grade school; As well as its own private airport. Ocean Reef offers many recreational facilities, including a 175-slide mega-boat marina for boating, fishing and diving. Two 18-hole championship golf courses; World class tennis and lawn sports; Running and cycling routes; And unlimited children’s activities and programs.

The 6,400-square-foot opposite Osmosis water plant in the resort’s compound used a 58-kilowatt solar plow from Dean Steel Building Rib-12 roof S-5-PVKIT®2.0 and RibBracket ™ III. It is said that the solar plant will save the resort an average of $ 1,000 per month in electricity bills.

The test

The club is located on a private peninsula near the only living reef in the United States, with three sides bounded by water and a fourth on federal and state land. It is necessary to install a roof-mounted system with a low profile of 180 miles per hour, category 5 hurricanes.

An EPC contractor, SALT Energy, was asked to install sunlight near the runway at the airport. The findings and actions taken in this review confirm that the reflection generated by Solar Pv will not affect the visibility of pilots or air traffic controllers.

It is also challenging as logistics for the delivery of goods in this part of the country is far away. And, because it is a private, closed-door community, the owners wanted to limit the number of trucks coming and going through the door.

The solution

Using the only available south-facing roof, SALT Energy has installed the latest technology, high-performance SunPower A-Series 440W modules to increase solar production in the designated area. The modules are secured to the roof of the Dean Steel building with S-5! ‘S RibBracket III using PVKIT sunscreen solution.

Together, S-5! The products offer a low-profile design solution with small tools on the roof to provide a robust design that can withstand high wind loads in the area. Completely engineered, three to five modules on one side (six to 10 points per module), 15% of the dead rail load, and a more consistent wind load distribution, depending on the roof wind zone. Roof structure, this negotiation accepts any Category 5 hurricane challenge.

The logistics test also failed, with a full 240-pound solar installation solution fitted to a passenger car trunk and a truck and flat trailer needed for a traditional rail system.

Project Statistics

EPC ContractorSalt Energy

Roof manufacturerDean Steel Buildings, Inc.

Module Manufacturer: SunPower

Inverter manufacturerSME Solar

  • Measured ceiling asc 40 ‘x 80’ solar zone
  • Roofing: 2/12
  • PV rated size: 58.08 kW-DC; (132) -440W modules
  • S-5! Products offered:
    • S-5-PVKIT®2.0 (530)
    • RibBracket ™ III (530)

Due to projects in high-speed hurricane zones and exposure to the Atlantic coast, SALT Energy serves the much-needed market for solar power in the United States and the Caribbean. Our design wind load requirements are at the core of every project we undertake in US Appendix Engineering, and we select only the highest quality products. That’s why we rely on S-5! For our attachment needs. Product Test S-5! Provides the most complete in the industry and is an essential part of SALT engineering for every project.– David Kaul, Director of Operations and Engineering, SALT Energy

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