Obama drill, baby, drill, remember the days? Democrats are not clean on the climate

IF. You don’t feel guilty after Monday’s news. The new United Nations Climate Change Report predicts a real catastrophe unless our civilization is eliminated from its development, unwilling to change its will, and ultimately does not take the crisis seriously.

The bad news is that we have come here before in the last days of democracy, and the time of Obama’s sleep is now over. That is easy.

The good news is that there is still time to mitigate the worst of climate change, and at least one political element may be changing in the end.

But if we allow the corporate media and the political class to erase our memories of how we got here, maybe history will repeat itself and we will all burn.

The bad news – we’ve been here before

Climate crisis is basically the result of double standards of corruption and greed. Ignoring the warnings of scientists, politicians who are obsessed with oil and gas have turned to fossil fuels, knowing that they are fully aware of the life-sustaining ecosystem on the planet.

Republicans were more open about their corruption, reaffirming their own version of the Flat Earth Society, which actively denounced scientific facts and assured voters that nothing would change and that everything would be fine. Democrats took on a different, but equally awkward, climate of denial – they believed in science and issued state-of-the-art press releases, and then continued to support fossil fuels development.

This strategy will capture the attention of the Liberals: Democrats will enjoy good speeches from Ivy League politicians who will make the rich Liberals feel smarter, smarter and better in the legislative process. Base doesn’t seem to care about red and blue party wars.

The zealous formula translated by President Barack Obama, who buys fossil fuels after a campaign in climate poetry.

When Obama won the 2008 election, the Liberals hailed him as “the time to face this challenge once and for all.” Delay is no longer an option. Denial is no longer an acceptable response. ”

Obama-Biden’s words “to promote responsible domestic oil and natural gas production,” to prioritize the construction of a natural gas pipeline in Alaska, and to “technically recover up to 85 billion barrels” are still under scrutiny. Fields. ”

And four years after that campaign, Obama delivered a speech in Cushing, Oklahoma, which accurately summed up his true legacy — and future post-apocalyptic historians (if any) may be seen as a critical moment in the tragedy.

“Under my administration, the United States is producing more oil than ever in the last eight years,” he said.

“Over the past three years, I have directed millions of hectares of land to be explored for gas and oil in 23 different states. It is opening up more than 75% of our oil resources off the coast. We have quadrupled the number of operating equipment to a maximum. We have added enough new oil and gas pipelines to encircle the earth and beyond. So we’re digging everywhere – right now. ”

You can try to support Obama’s support, such as the Paris Agreements and various vehicles, but his pride is that of the IPC. It shows a climate change record, just as it did a month after the alarm went off. In the worst case scenario, he He told him Texas Audience: “Suddenly, the United States is the biggest oil producer. That was me, people… Please say ‘thank you, please’.

Self-praise came only two years after Obama Revealed on Twitter: “Climate change is happening right now. Denial is dangerous. ”And in that comparison, we see the basic formula at work.

Obama, like many politicians, seems to believe that no matter what happens in the physical world, he and his elites can influence Twitter, Instagram and speak their way in it, and no one cares.

But this is not just a handkerchief. There is an ideology here – or, more accurately, sociopathy. Obama’s presidency has been an eight-year quest to protect the “pragmatic” identity from corporate media, regardless of human cost.

From the smallest stimulus, the water to the Wall Street Amendment bill, to the Heritage Foundation Home Health Care Law to Social Security Reductions to Oklahoma Speech to Drilling-Baby Hugging, most of Obama’s major initiatives represent attempts to stabilize the right and hit the left. .

The Obama administration’s main goal was to ensure that Washington analysts and donors would always prioritize compromise — even if it meant ruining the lives of millions of people.

All of this was awakened and strengthened by Democrats, who were enamored by the giants in Congress – but did nothing to change that. Especially in the climate, that was very clear: the Democratic House approved the cap-and-trade bill, but Obama dropped it in another effort to reach the Republicans, so he went nowhere in the Democratic Senate.

Obama and congressional Democrats then helped the Republican Party lift a ban on crude oil exports, and Democrats’ support for natural gas was so fierce that one oil and gas law firm said it was “a matter of policy continuity from Obama to Trump.”

Good news – a line in the sand (probably)

Joe Biden, the Democrats of Congress and the first Democrats, were not pure spectators in all of this. Biden was vice president and was one of the first to launch an oil spill on the world market during the Climate Crisis. The fossil fuel industry has launched a campaign against the ban, with primary voters awarding it to a presidential candidate: just as those voters continue to reject progressive climate candidates by supporting industry-friendly professionals.

The 2020 Colorado Senate was the first example of this trend: the Blue State Democratic Voters in Washington, D.C. They ridiculed his own rival, saying that he accurately predicted that he would not go out in peace.

That was a prelude to the last few months, which began to attract Beden Obama.

He told the United States that the weather at the well was a “human issue” and that electric truck driving was photo-op. And like Obama, he is breaking all campaign promises and managing fossil fuels, excavating them to George W. Bush, supporting Trump’s fossil fuels, enacting the weakest emissions laws from Obama, the energy secretary promised. A bright future for the fossil fuel industry.

Joe Biden at the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in May.
Joe Biden at the Ford Rouge Electric Vehicle Center in May. Photograph – Leah Mills / Reuters

Now, Beden supports the Bilateral Infrastructure Act, which rejects major climate initiatives – and that law is ridiculed by the most powerful Senate Democrat in the coal trade, and the most powerful House Democrat in the “green dream or whatever.” The party does not want to be guided by geotechnics, which may laugh at the urgency of the situation, knowing that it will not be in the area to suffer the consequences of climate change and control.

Clearly, if nothing is changed in our politics and in the donor’s disproportionate contribution to the climate crisis, then everything in our nature will change the ecological consequences to a lesser extent, and may not survive.

Fortunately, that fact seems to have come to the minds of at least a few lawmakers – and thankfully, the narrowly divided Congress means only a small group of lawmakers to change the legislature.

In recent weeks, progressive lawmakers from Representative Monday Jones, From New York Democrats, Massachusetts Democrats to Senator Ed Markkey The idea is that Republicans will choose any bilateral infrastructure account until they are paired with legislation that could be the last chance to fight the country before it wins Congress.

This is the last time that Beiden, Republicans and corporate Democrats do not want to do what they want to do. Climate change when the world burns.

So far, progressive legislators have made a lot of noise and emotional outbursts about boldness and the need for fearlessness – and they are unwilling to follow that voice with angry voices. In particular, they did not cast a vote on VV’s aid bill to force a $ 15 minimum wage – and now the most promising initiative. He was surgically removed from the speech, Like the memory of an old flame in the eternal light of the Spotlight mind.

So, yes, it is important to note that these Democratic lawmakers are following their new era for fear of being branded as traitors to the party – now considered the biggest betrayal in American politics. There is such a suspicion that these legislators are “climate” and do not specify what they are asking for in the agreement.

Again, in any agreement, the word “climate” may be somewhat vague, but it’s just a level of immorality – you know when you look at it. In addition, Democratic lawmakers are even threatening to act as a climate voting group. And that pressure, at the very least, led to a very serious initial proposal. So it is something.

According to an IPCC report, these Democrats may or may not want climate change in Congress – and whether or not their own bodies want it – could be the difference between a planet and a place in hell.

In 10 years, the difference between Democrats is “I was, people!” To save the world from disaster, or they are hanging on the grapes of Martha’s vineyard after they have thrown garbage on the planet.

  • David Sirota is an American Guardian columnist and award-winning investigative journalist. He is the general editor and founder of Daily Poster in Jacobin. He served as secretary of the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign

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