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HSINCHU, Taiwan, December 02, 2021– (Business Wire) – National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) has been awarded the 14th Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards (TCSA) by the Taiwan University Institute of Sustainable Energy (TAISE) on November 17. The 38 participating universities are ranked first in the NTHU overall rankings, and have been awarded the Social Inclusion Leadership Award and the University Sustainability Report Gold Award in individual competitions.

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National Tsing Hua University has been awarded the University of Taiwan Sustainability Award. President Hocheng Hong (center) and Chief Permanent Officer Thai Nyan-Hawa (second from left), Permanent Office Director Lyn Fu-Ren (first from left), Vice President and Chief of Staff Qing Choung-ta (second from right), International College Dean Dong Rui-Ann (first from right). (Photo Pages National Teaching Hua University)

The judges cited NTHU’s exemplary approach to responding effectively to the requirements of sustainable development by teaching and researching its core competencies. He also praised NNTHU’s work ethic for diversity and equality as well as for teachers and staff who have excelled in research, teaching, consulting and public service. It has raised the profile of the larger community and the university. In terms of sustainability, NTHU has consistently demonstrated what it means to be the school’s motto, “Give nature what it deserves to be true.”

According to President Hocheng Hong, the natural beauty of the compound goes hand in hand with the principles of sustainability. In addition to being the first university to appoint a permanent sustainability officer in Taiwan, NTHU has a total of 517 undergraduate courses and 216 postgraduate courses, accounting for 13 percent of the school’s courses.

NTHU Senior Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer Thai Nian-Hawa has appointed a Sustainability Officer at each level to manage the concept of sustainability at all levels.

According to Lynn Fu Renen, Director of the Office of Sustainability, research, teaching and public service are key functions of the university, and the school’s initial efforts are focused on promoting sustainability and encouraging teachers, researchers and students to integrate sustainability principles into their own. Continuous work. Many teachers at NTHU are conducting research directly related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (MDGs) declared by the United Nations. In the process, they showed how focusing on one issue can make a positive difference.

In addition to the ongoing Sunshine Scholarship Scholarship, NTHU has set up a special fund to help students in need due to the COVID-19 epidemic, both of which are linked to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals: “No Poverty,” he said. And “Quality Education.”

Lynn pointed out that in order to achieve sustainable development, a seed of permanence needs to be planted in the hearts of the students.

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